From radio to corporate hot shot

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 12 April 2016   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
GOING UP; Gowoka GOING UP; Gowoka

Practitioners in the creative industry usually find it easy to move from one job to the other. This explains the easy transition of the charismatic Primrose Gowoka from a bubbly young radio presenter at Yarona FM to playing in the big league of the corporate world. Known as the enigmatic ‘Mimi the Fabulous’ back in her radio days, Gowoka has now dumped the youthful trademark of jeans to corporate formal outfits as the Head of Client Service at Incepta Communications—a pioneering innovative advertising agency in Gaborone. After her stay in radio, she had a short stint in the transport industry where she held what she terms as a ‘stable and paying position’ but she felt out of place. She came knocking at Incepta and was engaged as an intern. She was unmoved when some dismissed her step to leave a stable paying job to at best receive an allowance. 

Three years down the line at just 30 years, the pint-sized jolly creative has worked her way up the corporate ladder and is now Incepta Communications Head of Client Service, where she continues to fuse her creative spirit with her passion for building campaigns. Some of the highlights of her career include working as a project director for the opening of the Africa Youth Games which were held in Botswana in 2014. She has also served as a Public Relations Executive and Events and Operations Manager. The most important part she says is that her growth mirrors that of the company she is working for. “I have been with the agency right from the period when we had just a few clients to the current situation where we give other players a run for their money,” says Gowoka.

But it has not been a smooth sail. As a young woman trying to find her place in the advertising world and work her way to the top, Gowoka had to sacrifice a lot. Going the extra mile at times meant having to leave the office at three o’ clock in the morning, hence spending less time with her family. The bumpy journey, she says, was however been made it easy by the support she gets from her family, friends and colleagues. “Our Managing Director Thabo Majola for example always makes it a point to motivate and encourage us in our work,” she says. In an industry such as theirs, one has to be upfront and assertive, strong traits that are often misinterpreted for contempt by some.  She says one has to maintain the focus and be unapologetic where needs be. 

She says the current environment in their sector is conducive and favourable for women to venture and grow in. This, she says, is evidenced by the number of women who now hold top positions especially as advertising managers. As much as she intends to continue trailblazing and assist in growing the brand she is working for, Gowoka explains that she intends to be at the forefront of the region; Africa to be specific. This process she believes has already started by the exposure she gets through work networking and interactions.