Amarok Double Cab-The German wolf

SHARE   |   Sunday, 31 August 2014   |   By Alpha Molatlhwe
Amarok Double Cab-The German wolf

This Amarok unveiled to the public in June, 2009 with its name associated with "the one who loves stones", resembling "tomorrow" in Irish is great machine.

They call it the "wolf" in Inuit, Alaska, and we refer to it as the Amarok. The Volkswagen Amarok Double Cab is a mid-size pickup truck. It’s bigger, tough, and fast, has a very big heart that allows it to turn any road into the playing ground and the opposition into mince meat, uniting cross country mobility, flexibility and efficiency as well as combining striking designs with superior comfort.

This mother of the pickup trucks is equipped with an innovative eight speed automatic transmission that is paired to a permanent 4motiion translating to a perfect drive combination with the results being very obvious even to the doubting Thomas’s to see; high levels of safety, more controlled drive and the best grip in all surfaces. Power is derived from the 4 cylinder 1968cc bi-turbo TDI engine capable of dishing out 132Kw of power output at mechanism speeds of 4000 rpm at the same time returning a maximum of 420 nm of torque aptitude at mechanism speeds of 1750 rpm. It does a 0-100 km dash in 10.9 seconds and tops at 179 km/h. For enhanced handling, this Garman machinery is equipped with a single wheel suspension coupled with an A-Frame arm double wishbone and spring dampers at the front as well as a multilayer rigid axle with leaf springs rear suspension set up. A combination of a permanent 4Motion 4WD and both the front and rear stabilizers is bad news to the opposition whist the ability to tow a maximum of up to between 845 and 1975kg is something else. Its 80 litre capacity fuel tank gives a potential cruising range of at least 800 kms is an assurance of minimum visits to the nearest filing stations.

The interior design is flawlessly crafted plenty of stowage compartments and both the head and legroom. A set of eyeball air vents enables for a direct and precise airflow circulation whilst the top notch fit and finish of the cabin and the multi function steering wheel sets completely new standards in the pickup segment.

The safety side of the Amarok is well taken care of with an adoption of a Hill Descent Assist, Off-Road ABS, Anti-Slip Differential and an Emergency Stop Signal to give it a supreme make up. Features like a Dimmable Dashboard Illumination, Multi-Function On board computer and an antenna integrated rear view mirrors for not only providing a clear view but as well as a much more clearer radio reception.