Redefining fitness in Botswana

SHARE   |   Sunday, 31 August 2014   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Redefining fitness in Botswana

“Just two years ago, equipment and an investment valued at P5 million was the first step towards this brand development. We started with the G-West Gym in Gaborone.  After that more gyms were brought under the umbrella of Jack’s gym. We have a gym in Palapye in Village, in Gaborone known as Gym Active.  Evolution Gym in Phakalane was opened on the 1st July 2012 and another in Block 5 on the 1st December 2012.  In March 2013 we made the first franchise agreement to run a hospitality gym inside the Lansmore, Masa Square Hotel for hotel guests and selective members having an advantage of unlimited usage for 24 hours a day,” Baker commented.

She said that a healthy living concept prompted the owners of Jack’s gym to invest over P25 million in all the gyms where they upgraded all the properties and installed state of the art Italian Technogym equipment. She noted that their intentions are to attract more Batswana to embrace the concept of healthy living.

Baker said the reason why the I-Towers gym is totally different from the other Jack’s gyms around the country. They built it from scratch looking at the high end market from both Batswana and the international community that comes to Botswana. She indicated that they have relationships with most hotels around so that they can bring their clients there to use the gym.

“Jack’s mega gym opened its doors in January 2014 in the CBD in an I-Towers hub. The gym is of platinum standard and is targeted to the high end elite and corporate clients.  It is over 1 600 m2 spread in three floors with amazing views of the city from all angles.  It has an open outdoor swimming pool, sauna, steam rooms, relaxation area, spinning studio, aerobic studio, and strength and cardio sections.  Membership for this gym allows its members to have access to all Jack’s gyms country wide and we also offer a great place to work out, socialize and network. This is a 24 hour access gym facility,” she added. 

Bakers said people should understand that the passion of fitness not only brings health benefits but also mental alertness, and attitude towards personal wellness; both of the body and mind since this passion keeps an individual away from other habit forming activities.

She states that they have a mission to transform the nation’s perception of exercise for a healthier, happier, and active country so that people can become the best versions of themselves. Baker said that in today’s fast paced world, eating properly and maintaining exercise regimes can seem like a luxury, however can help you achieve your goals in your personal as well as your working life.
“In addition to top of the range exercise equipment and a supportive and friendly atmosphere, Jack’s gyms also offer trained personal trainers.  They break members out of their fitness ruts and re-energise their work outs.  Along the way, they change outlooks and build confidence in people with results.” 

She said that Jack’s Gym currently has over 3 500 members. It has recently introduced special offers for all students, so that they can also afford to access the gym.  She encouraging members to sign up for a longer term that commits them to a healthier lifestyle.