When politics become a ‘joke’

SHARE   |   Sunday, 31 August 2014   |   By Ontametse Sugar
When politics become a ‘joke’

With an inspiration from the elections that Botswana will be taking part in this year, Love Child Entertainment is bringing forth Politics of Laughter comedy show on the 7th of September at Mantlwaneng in Gaborone.  The event organiser, Lebo Disele said the reason why they saw it fit to have a political comedy is because political comedies have not been happening in Botswana so far, and the fact that it is the election year for Botswana made politics a much better theme.

“Unbelievable things happen towards elections and sometimes it might seem like it is fiction but it is reality. It will be a fun night where humour will be put into whatever that is happening in Botswana in politics. We realised that the personal being can also be political, and we have put it in a framework where these guys can contest for people’s votes. So the comedians will be campaigning for who is the best president of laughter. It will be like a campaign for presidency and the comedians are Umbambi ‘Bambino’ Ndiwenyu, Charles Manase and Tulani Tau,” Disele said.
She added that the mediator, Thato Ntshabele will determine who wins the president of laughter campaign.

Bambino who is one of the performers said that it will be a comedy show just like any other but they have just put a twist into it to give it a more satirical view.

The show will be raising money towards Troopers Basketball team who have to raise enough funds in order to go and compete at the Zone 6 championships.

“We were approached by Troopers basketball team, and we did the 1st comedy show to raise money for them, which was themed around the sport in the country. Because it was our first fundraising show we didn’t raise enough money, so we want to change some of the aspects,” Bambino said.

He said that the event will feature other comedians. It will also be a debate set up where people will be campaigning for the presidency.  ‘Party representatives’, have been put together to contest. He said that they are not politically affiliated and that they will be simply making a comical commentary on the country’s politics.

“There are a lot of sensitive issues that have been going on around the country and the last thing that we need is to offend people. Any character that we would play is not meant to represent any character in real life,” he added. The sponsors for the event are Westwood and Tender laughter.