Explore my city

SHARE   |   Saturday, 30 April 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Part of Gaborone from above Part of Gaborone from above

Explore My City hosted the media to a five minutes scenic flight around Gaborone and The Greater Gaborone in a helicopter. This was hosted at the Fairgrounds Old Landfill where the Slip and Slide event takes place on May 1. Even though it might seem as a very short time, it was very gratifying and there is so much to see around the city and outside just for those five minutes. Many of the media personnel that came to experience the helicopter ride were quite stunned as to how five minutes can be incredible fun. Tumisang Ramakaloi of Echo Newspaper expressed his excitement about something that he thought was so minor, and said it was epic even though he was a little bit nervous. The Patriot Photographer Ricardo Kanono, who got to travel to the airport, said it was also breath-taking for him. “I didn’t want to ride in the beginning but I realised that I almost robbed myself of a great experience. Gaborone is beautiful,” he said.

Preparations are already in place at the site to host the event which will be on its first edition. One of the organisers of the Explore My City concept Keolopile Moalafi said they will be part of the Slip and Slide activities where they will have three packages that they will offer on the day. There is a single package which costs P400, and since the helicopter is a four passenger helicopter, if someone bought a single ticket they will then have to wait for it to be full. “There is the private ticket that someone can buy if they want to go alone or with their partner,” he said. He added that that will cost P1200 because the person has to pay for those empty seats. There is also the charter flight where the people that will be flying will be the ones that determine the route that they want to take; where even someone wants to fly over their place they will do that. Moalafi said that people should understand that there are places that they are not allowed to fly close to like the State House and the Barracks where they have to keep a certain distance. He said that they will be at the venue by seven o clock and the tour will be approximately six minutes.