The fashion twins

SHARE   |   Saturday, 30 April 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Kelly and Molly Kelly and Molly

Kealeboga “Kelly” Sebolai and Molebogeng “Molly” Malomo are some of the extra ordinary twins who make sure that to succeed in life; they both have to be at the top. Kelly and Moly are young ladies who live two lives and make sure that they balance them well. The fashion savvy two do office work from eight to five and thereafter resume their other live as fashion entrepreneurs. They will be opening their shop in two weeks’ time in Northgate mall in Gaborone to sell only customised designer wear. The shop – ‘Mollz and Kellz Designs’ – will only have outfits designed by them. The two are twins born in Serowe that grew up as orphans. They have Masiela Trust Fund to thank for who they are now. “We were orphans. We did not have much but we had so much love for physical appearance especially when we saw people looking good,” Kelly said. When they got to university they started going to shops to buy the clothes and will even go to the classes wearing heels, which was just how much they loved fashion. She said they changed almost anything that they bought because they had a sewing machine.  They then opened a Facebook page where they talked about charity things because charity is what is close to their heart. They motivated students in schools particularly those that shared a background with them. They then started posting their outfits on the page.

Design craze
And that was when people got interested and they realised that a business idea can come out of it. This led to it now becoming a fully-fledged business – they are designing for different markets from weddings, pageants, events to corporate. Both of them did not study fashion, but passion is what made them to make sure that they learn whatever that they had to learn in order to be able to compete well with those that are from fashion school. They both did business courses and this is handy in complimenting their passion very well to grow business. “When we see something we are ready to change it,” she said. They are very competitive people, and that is why they don’t want any of them to be left behind. This is something that drives them to be at the top even though they stay in two different homes since the other half Kelly is married.

Best friends
According to Kelly, the longest that they have been apart is two weeks. They are just each other’s best friend with a group of common friends. Just like any partners in business the twins tend to have different ideas especially when it comes to fashion. They always argue and fight before agreeing on one thing. They have realised that with fighting they are limiting each other and now each design before bringing it to the table to see what is wearable because they don’t want to limit each other. Describing her taste in fashion that makes her different from the sister, Kelly said that she is someone with a more mature taste and classy because she wants something that older people can see themselves wearing while her sister believes as a young person she should be free to express herself and believes that everyone got their own taste.

Class, elegance for all
Their idea is to be able to cater for women of all ages while making sure that they maintain class. They always design when they are free. She said they are very patient people and like motivating because of the background that they come from. They work closely with Masiela Trust Fund to give back as an appreciation for their upbringing. “You might buy young people food and clothes but what they need more is strength. We have been there and we know what it means to lose hope and get it back and that is why we can never sit down to pull another person down, we always speak on growth,” she said.

Shoe line dream
Her twin sister Molly added that they are looking for class and they will make sure that they cater for it in different ways. She said they want people to go to work with something ordinary but classic and go to events to turn heads. Their dream is to also have a shoe line that will enable their customers to get the whole package because when it opens they will only have clothes but other accessories will not be from their line. “This is our dream and we won’t give up on it,” she said.