Nail care: Figar’s passion

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 17 May 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Nail care: Figar’s passion

Well groomed nails often define the high life of the owner. As a class symbol, women are out competing each other at the beauty parlour to get the best of treats. Some maintain and grow their natural nails, while others opt for artificial ones. One of the nail professionals Figar Mogorosi encourages her customer to use gel nails more than others. She always makes sure that she looks beautiful before stepping out of her house. In the beginning she did not think that doing nails was something to turn into an income generating business, but when she quit her job to follow her husband to South Africa she had to find something that will keep her busy. She enrolled in a nail school. Thereafter she rented out space to start her business and built a solid clientele.

When they returned to Botswana she took a short break to have her second born son and now she has fully dived back into the business. Being the wife of Zebras captain, Joel, she definitely seems to attract a clientele that is classier. She is still conducting the business from her house and often answers home calls for those who want to be served at their houses. She markets her services through her Facebook from her page Dreammogfignails. Her clients include corporate executives.


She aims to grow the business next year and enhance her customer service and offerings. One thing that keeps her going is that she loves what she is doing. “Use the talent God gave you and develop it to its fullest potential and enjoy it because by that you will not feel like you are forcing a square peg into a round hole and you will increasingly be more effective in your service,” she says. She encourages men to also make sure that they take grooming seriously and equally maintain their nails after hard work. “Men should stop thinking that nails are done by women or gay men only, straight men can also benefit from that,” she insists. 

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