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Minister of Education and Skills Development, Dr Unity Dow

You may ask why, since pregnancies do not happen in the class room, I care. I care because every child who drops out of school undermines my mandate. I care because I am a mother. I care because I have been entrusted with the responsibility of shaping young minds and I expect you all Sirs, as leaders in the private and public spheres, to act like leaders. I have cared for a very long time. I care because as, Nelson Mandela said, “There cannot be any keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way it treats its children”.  It is my hope and prayer that your mother, father, pastor, friend, wife…will stop looking the other way and will confront you and demand that you earn the respect that has been heaped upon you by virtue of you being an adult man. Be a man; be responsible and accountable.

Bathobakae – MP for Tlokweng
Le nna fela jaaka Mosadi yo o kileng a belega abo a amusa, ke thubegile pelo mabapi le dikgang tsa magatwe tse di sa jeseng monate tsa kwa Sebina. Re tshwanetse gore re le bo Mme re eme ka dinao go bona gore puso e tsaya kgato kgatlhanong le modiramolato. Ke nako ya gore re eme ka dinao re tshware thipa ka fa bogaleng re le bo Mme ebile gape re le batsadi re ntshe lentswe re supe fa re na le boikarabelo ebile gape re sireletsa bana ba rona kgatlhanong le kgokgontsho! Re tshwanetse go kgala borre baba rekang bana ka madi le go ba dirisa botlhaswa mo go tsa tlhakanelo dikobo, morago ba ba phuaganye. Same

#Ishallnotforget activist Tumie Mohoasa

“We want accountability from our leaders; they should be spearheading the fight to protect our children. A situation where we now have leaders being the ones implicated calls for those leaders to step aside, or be removed from their positions if they don't, whilst investigations go on. This issue is too sensitive and calls for no less than vacation of their positions”.