Car spinning

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 31 May 2016   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Spinner Gusheshe' as the locals call it Spinner Gusheshe' as the locals call it

The popular crowd pulling Road Rally Techniques sport (car spinning) organised by Spin City Botswana promises growth in Botswana. Despite the difficulties Spin City has been having, the sport has seen a tremendous growth with Batswana rallying behind the club. Since it started locally in 2010 Road Rally Techniques has received some resistance that saw its events cancelled by the police the same year, citing concerns that it encouraged lawlessness. However, Botswana Motor Sport came to the rescue to bring back the sport through consultations and reassurances that it will be well regulated to ensure safety. BMS president Simon Modisaemang said it is their intention to grow Road Rally Techniques in Botswana. Modisaemang said they have since conducted bench markings from South Africa to help run the sport safely.  He said with the recently acquired grant from FIA they will come up with a strategic plan to develop motor sport in Botswana.

In December 2015 BMS received grant totalling to approximately P320 000 to use in the development of the strategic plan. “We will use the money to map a way forward for the growth of motor sport in Botswana,” said Modisaemang.  He said this at the Motor Sport spinning Championship press briefing on Tuesday. He said Road Rally Techniques, commonly known as car spinning, was growing with more clubs registering with the BMS. Under the organisation of Spin City, car spin continue to be popular with people looking forward to the drills performed by the drivers. The Motor Sport spinning Championship has since become a household event pulling crowds to Spin City Palace. Spin City brand manager Morongwa Mmutle said they want to take the sport to all the people in Botswana. Mmutle said they want to brand the sport and make it popular. She thanked the multitudes of fans that thronged their activities. Following this weekend’s spin championships, Spin City will hold Gala awards.

“For this cause, we are also introducing membership cards for the supporters,” she explained. She said membership cards will have benefits like discounts from certain companies and stores around the country for the supporters to enjoy. According to her, this is a way of trying to get more people to the sport locally.
As much as spinning is growing in Botswana there growing concerns of safety surrounding the sport. However, Modisaemang assured Batswana that measures are being put in place to ensure safety. He said all the spinners (drivers) are registered and licenced by BMS, hence they are expected to adhere to set regulations. He said failure for them to do so will lead to deregistration and licence revocation by the association.