Thapong holds members Expo

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 31 May 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
PRIDE AND CULTURE; Baboloki Somolekae's Art piece is among the artworks on exhibition at Thapong Arts Centre PRIDE AND CULTURE; Baboloki Somolekae's Art piece is among the artworks on exhibition at Thapong Arts Centre

Thapong Visual Arts Centre is currently holding an exhibition for its members with the trending theme being the country’s 50 years of independence. Most artworks are telling stories showing the country’s evolution. Artists Frank De Painter and Mahammad Latif are among those exhibiting. Emmanuel Senamolela’s immaculate use of clay is captivating in the button vase sets that are transformed from the normal traditional clay vases. He also adds colour to his vases, giving them a distinctive look. Steven Diseko portrayed well the significance of unity among Batswana with one of his pieces called Mabogo Dinku. 

It is common that most of the elders tend to lose their teeth as they grow up, and that alone never stops them from enjoying the beauty of life and laughing even if the whole of their front teeth are all gone. Mopaki Kotsi portrayed this in painting through one of his artworks titled Meat Lovers highlighted vividly by a happy old man without teeth. One artwork that seemed to show the beauty of Botswana was that of Baboloki Somolekae titled Pride and Culture showing old women dressed up in the usual blue shawls, German print skirts and headscarves with white shirts holding the flags of this republic. One of the most unique and most interesting artworks exhibited at Thapong are that of Saroj Shukla who exhibited what is called Spiritual Healing Art. “The artworks are designed to help individuals address their specific mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs,” he said.

He said although the artworks are based on Chakras which are energy centres of the body and Mandals, which are mystical or astronomical diagrams, each piece that he does is unique in its own way. He said depending on the symbols, colours and gemstones used in each piece the healing artwork depicts negative energy condensed within aspects of live and sends a positive vibration to people and the surroundings. “This ultimately helps to resolve the troubles at various karmic levels and also helps in the development and achievement of holistic wellbeing,” he said. Thapong Coordinator Reginald Bakwena expressed his happiness at the artworks exhibited, which he said shows a lot of growth.