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Sechele vies for Mr Universe

SHARE   |   Monday, 13 June 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Sechele vies for Mr Universe

Gontse Sechele lives fitness. He swears it is one thing that gives him happiness if everything is not working well in his life. Even though what he does can be a hobby to other people to him it is a lifestyle and a career, and the competition aspect of it follows afterwards. He has transgressed platforms that no other Motswana achieved in fitness. He believes that fitness does not build a character but rather it reveals it. He is currently in the USA to compete for Mr Universe. Before he left for the US on Tuesday, the man with one of the most enviable body structures oozed confidence. He has been on a strict diet of proteins to build and define his body. The 30-year-old believes his is a God-given pursuit – it defines who he is.

Sechele insists almost everyone can have the body that they want as long as they have the drive. He says the only thing that is needed to have all that is first but foremost the desire, then dedication and discipline. “Those are the three things that can make anyone achieve whatever that they want in their lives,” he says. Many people, he has noticed, always register for training and engage personal trainers, but many always stumble on the way. He says the moment someone loses desire they lose the drive and the dedication they had in the beginning. When he is in the gym he swears by squats, dead lift bench press and barbell rows as the most exercises that he does in order to give himself the toned up figure. “It is very possible for anyone to build muscles as long as they have the desire and sacrifice required and be a believer,” he says. He says for people like him who are body builders genetics play a role in giving that aesthetic look, but as for a regular person who just wants to get fit since they won’t be taking part in any competition, that does not matter.

He says the reason most of Batswana are putting on weight is because they eat for taste but not for function. He says the mind is a very powerful tool that conceives and creates, and that is where someone can win their first fitness battle. He says just like any goal to success in every aspect of life, the right frame of mind is the most essential. He advises those that want to make fitness their priority to know and understand that the road to building an ideal physique is a long and trying one. “It is physically and psychologically involving. It becomes almost spiritual to you,” he says. Sechele hopes to bring the crown home as one of the most envied figures in the universe. He cherishes the opportunity to compete at this high level.