Lesego Busang’s special day at SOS

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Lesego Busang’s special day at SOS

Birthdays are often celebrated in the company of close friends, family and loved ones. One takes time to reflect and look at the impact they have made in their small environment. For 37-year- old Lesego Busang 2016 was the time to give back to the community. Something she now wants to do more often. Lesego, who hails from Kanye, had her family and close friends all inspired to join children at SOS Children’s village in Tlokweng where they spent a better part of Saturday – June 18.  When sharing her motivating words with the children, Lesego said everyone is born into circumstances. “None of us decided when they would be born, where they would be born, who they would be born to. Some amongst us were born privileged, but many of us were not.”

Speaking to scores of children and their caretakers at SOS Lesego said that while there is little one can do about the circumstances they are born into, they can do something about them, adding that circumstances people find themselves in should not limit them. “Write your dreams on a piece of paper, read it every day. Each morning consider what you want to achieve on that day to take a step closer to your dream. Have review sessions with yourself to find out how much ground you have covered towards that dream. When friends and strangers ask you to do something you are not sure of, ask yourself if it will help you reach your dream in the right way.  If the answer is ‘no’ then ‘no’ should be the answer you give,” she advised. Lesego and her team played games with SOS children and toured the facility to appreciate the environment. At the end of the day the team learnt that SOS is open to everyone who has the desire to make a difference in someone’s life, be it donating a blanket, spending time to teach the children, playing with them or whatever good course is welcome.

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