Solly Sebotso: Frustrated music genius

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 28 June 2016   |   By Ontametse Sigar
Sebotso Sebotso

One of the artists with undeniable talent when it comes to playing the traditional guitar and singing to folklore music, Solly Sebotso has struggled to make more out of his craft. Though his love for the guitar started early in his life, Sebotso is yet to benefit as he wants from his massive talent. Meanwhile he teaches people how to play the guitar and folklore songs with some even ending up winning different competitions. “When I do that I do not ask for anything from them. They thank me whenever they can because most of them will tell me at the forefront that they do not have money but they are interested in learning,” he said. Though he sometimes sings in English, he is primarily based in Setswana, and that is what most people recognise him for. Though he does not get regular gigs, he is doing everything to improve and secure jobs. He is currently organising an exclusive Setswana music concert. He is working around the clock to bring together local folklore artists to come together and have the concert. On whether he has already recorded an album Sebotso revealed that he has and is yet to take his CDs to the market. “I want the CD to be in the market because many people around the country always call requesting the CD but I do not have money to cut them. I want to approach people so that they can help me,” he said.  Sebotso added that he will continue to work hard as he wants to also make sure that he becomes part of the independence celebrations because he knows that whenever he performs all people stand up to dance.