Moreri launches poetry album

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 05 July 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Moroka [R] on stage Moroka [R] on stage

The country’s leading poet Moreri Moroka has released a music and poetry album - a compilation of poems that are recited alongside contemporary beats and melodies. The album is very breath-taking and features the best in the industry from the legendary Mmereki Marakakgoro, Baba Flo, John Selolwane, TJ Dema, Tavonga Makotere, Kabo Koosimile to Lister Boleseng. The album is titled Nkokowe. Nkokowe is the name of a tree gum that is hard on the surface, soft in the inside and very sweet in the inside, reflecting the quality of the album. Through the album Moroka proved that the richness of Setswana poetry. He buttressed his standing as one of the best linguistics in the country with his immense knowledge of English and Setswana. The album boasts of 15 tracks that are all a beautiful ensemble with the track Botswana being a beautiful recitation of how stunning the nation of Botswana is and it can be heard in each of his verses about the exquisiteness of Botswana.