Elegance, class at Masa Suites

SHARE   |   Thursday, 21 July 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Bedroom of Masa suite Bedroom of Masa suite

The newly revamped Masa Square Hotel has revealed their new long stay suites and they scream elegance, simplicity and class. Having had the opportunity to spend a night at the suites it was such a blissful and relaxing moment that will be quite exceptional for that traveller coming to stay in Gaborone for a little longer time for business or for pleasure. The five star hotel proved that they are indeed one of the leaders in the hospitality industry in Botswana. The hotel it is located right in the centre of business and pleasure, allowing visitors to experience all those at once.

Unlike going to the hotel rooms where someone can just get into the lift by the reception and go there, as for the suites it is totally different as they offer so much privacy. The entrance to them is opposite the parking entrance, and can only be accessed using an access card. The sliding door immediately closes behind you, making you feel like you are getting into your own world. This definitely offers so much privacy and quietness, and the moment you step in you appreciate the tranquillity. The rooms are all fitted so that the visitor can be able to do whatever that they want for their long stay. The kitchen is equipped with a microwave, fridge, stove, coffee maker and all the kitchen utensils that someone might need just the way it is in a kitchen at home. This for sure offers a perfect holiday for a business traveller with a small dining where they can sit to eat their food and drink wines and the living room that is filled with simple but stylish furniture with a big flat screen TV.

The bedroom is also fitted with the same TV for the guest who opts to watch the TV while resting on the bed. The interesting aspect about the bedroom for a couple on a holiday or lovers is the fact that while on the bed, someone can be able to watch their loved ones taking a shower or bath through the glass door, but there is an option of covering glass. The suites are spotless with very comfortable beds and buffet breakfast that can be enjoyed at the hotel restaurant.  The left suites overlooking the Masa square piazza gives you the opportunity to be able to see whatever is going on downstairs at the restaurants and entertainment areas. The wall wardrobes are many for a guest who has many clothes, with the ironing board and iron at their disposal so that they can just do anything for themselves without having to ask for room service often, which indeed gives that homely feel. 

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With the great location, great staff, great hotel condition, great room comfort and dining, the suites are indeed value for money.  The food, the ambience and the service are classy for that keen explorer who wants to come for business but at the same time have fun unwinding from the many meetings that they might have had.  The one night at the suites indeed offered the ultimate comfort and entertainment making the experience magnificent. It indeed defined simplicity and elegance where the textures, furniture and everything blend seamlessly together creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity.