Tlhokomela Trust scales up rhino protection

SHARE   |   Monday, 15 August 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Jillian Blackbeard Jillian Blackbeard

Brenham and Rhino Lining in Conjunction with Tlhokomela Botswana Endangered Wildlife Trust have launched a campaign that is aimed at creating awareness in the plight of endangered wildlife in Botswana particularly the Rhino. Brenham and Rhino Lining sell raffle tickets for P100 with the winner standing to drive home a Ford vehicle, second prize being a tour at a Five Star Lodge in the Okavango and the third prize being a smaller lunch in Kasane. Tlhokomela Trust Secretary Jillian Blackbeard said they will be running the competition for three months to raise P2 million through the sales of competition tickets. The Ministry will target local schools and government institutions while on the other hand, billboards, newspapers and radio advertising will take place to promote the cause. “The official launch was to kick-off on an on-going monthly donation by Barloworld, Rhino Lining and Brenham of P100 for every utility vehicle that is Rhino Lined in Botswana,” she said. Blackbeard said the donation will not increase the dealer prize of the product and it will also not cost the dealer any additional funds unless the dealer chooses to do so,” she said.

She said they have recently received 100 rhinos as donation and they now they are charged with even more responsibility of caring for them. She said that as Tlhokomela Trust they know the responsibility that comes with being the custodians of a globally endangered species, and as a result Botswana needs budgetary empowerment to deploy even more sophisticated and innovative methods and equipment than those used by the poachers. “This unfortunately comes at a substantial expense and we invite all Batswana and all conservationists around the world to join us in raising funds to protect our rhinos,” she said. Blackbeard said that they also want to be able to identify key strategic issues related to protecting endangered species with other organisations with a similar mandate to create win-win joint ventures. She said the specific purpose of Tlhokomela Trust is to facilitate and expand the creation of a safe environment within the borders of Botswana for the sustainable protection of critically endangered wildlife species.