Morgan defines fitness

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 06 September 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Morgan defines fitness

He is the epitome of handwork, resilience, focus and determination.  Obert Morgan, 43-year-old Nshakashokwe-born man, is right on his way of becoming one of the biggest fitness moguls in this country. While to other people fitness is something that they think twice about, to for him it is something that he breathes and lives for. With how much he has achieved someone would think that Morgan was the brightest kid in class and that he has been to the best universities around the world but that is not the case. He failed his Form 3, but did not just give up on life. He first pursued a bricklaying course before joining Botswana Defence Force (BDF) as a soldier. Knowing the importance of education and what he wanted to achieve in his life, he then decided to enroll for evening classes at YWCA for BGCSE. “This time I was getting a salary of just a mere P690, and with this I paid for my education and utilities,” he said. He passed BGCSE and then applied to the University of Botswana (UB) to pursue Physical Education programme. He was admitted. 

“During my tenure at UB I wanted to give back to my country but I didn’t know how at the time,” he said. Being a dreamer, he desired new challenge as entrepreneur and an employer. He chose to leave the army and went on to the USA where he worked in a cruise ship and that led to him being identified by one of the Managers of Equinox celebrity gyms in Miami. He came back to Botswana to prepare for a longer stay in the USA after joining Equinox celebrity gyms. “I then went back to the US and when I got there I enrolled for some physical training courses that I passed with flying colours,” he said. In 2010, he realised his dream of being an entrepreneur by returning to Botswana to create Obert Fitness brand.  He now boasts of six big corporate clients under its belt. He conceded that it was not easy to settle at home and build his own business but he persevered. He urged Batswana to be self-reliant because the government has done and is still doing a lot for them.

He provides the services of corporate gym management, corporate gym wellness, health and fitness consultancy, group fitness services, personal training, health and fitness event organising and sports conditioning. He said that being in the fitness industry has afforded him the opportunity of giving back to the community because that is something that he has always wanted to do. In May he hosted a free fitness event for the public with top instructors from Botswana and South Africa. Last month he hosted a free event for Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture which attracted more than 2000 people. He also recently held a free event as part of a build up for the Interbank Games. He will host a two-day aerobathon on September 9-10 with a line-up of some of the best local and international instructors. “This event is geared towards celebrating Botswana’s 50th anniversary and the patrons are encouraged to come dressed in national colours,” he said. Other participants will come from South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.