Botswana’s 1st Nandos celebrates at African Mall

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 20 September 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Newly refurbished Nandos African Mall branch Newly refurbished Nandos African Mall branch

 In an event that was very heart-warming and filled with so many great memories, Nandos opened their newly refurbished eatery at African mall. This is the first restaurant Nandos opened when it entered the Botswana market.  Nandos General Manager Bennie Booysen recalled that they opened the first outlet of Nandos at the African mall with only 12 chairs. The African mall restaurant has since paved way for 13 others spread across Botswana. “This is evidence of growth; thanks to our loyal customers,” he said. Booysen said they moved two times within African mall and never considered moving the restaurant from the mall because that is where it all started 23 years ago.

Nandos Botswana chairman Abdullah Khan visited South Africa in 1991 and after eating in Nandos he made sure that he worked towards bringing the flavour to Botswana in 1993. Khan said that there is no better place to have established this business than Botswana because of the stability and economic success. Of the 82 management positions in Botswana only two are held expatriates. He said they have every reason to celebrate the spark that ignited the flame, which is the first African mall.  “This year there is so much to celebrate for Nandos as well as for the nation and that is why the old saying, ‘You don’t know where you are going until you know where you have been.’ Kegaisamang Mokgolele appreciated Nandos for remaining at African mall, together with other old shops.