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Moratiwa Musical overwhelms on debuts

SHARE   |   Monday, 03 October 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Moratiwa Musical overwhelms on debuts

Socca Moruakgomo’s musical has premiered; well-timed to coincide with Botswana’s golden jubilee celebrations. Titled ‘Moratiwa: The African Child’, it premiered at Mantlwaneng Theatre on Friday night with various dignitaries in attendance. Moruakgomo had for the past six months worked with a team of students in the making of the musical. The story line revolves around a young girl who was taken up by the men and then mutilated by the local business men in a ritual murder. The police did not investigate the case well even trying to cover it up in fear of for their lives. But the community couldn’t take that – demanding answers of happened to the little girl. The play that is portrayed very well in the English language that blends so well with the little Setswana used shows that it is not only Botswana that is going through that or that went through that, but rather it is a total nightmare to many countries in Africa, and that is why it is also referred to as an African Tragedy Musical Performance.

The musical proved to be just a perfect piece that can be taken out to the rest of the world to enjoy. Moruakgomo was all emotional at the impact the musical had on the audience. He said that it is up to everyone to make sure that they support the musical to go on an international tour just like Sarafina did. “These are the stories that most people want to see, and it is time we take these young people out to the world to show their skill and their craft. This is a first full cultural musical for this nation and they did so well,” he said. Moruakgomo worked on Sarafina Musical among others. Dow - who was lost for words because of the beauty that the talent displayed – encourage the performers to hold on and let discipline lead them because with the work that they displayed they have indeed been ushered into a whole new life that can change their lives completely. He thanked Moruakgomo for coming up with such an idea that will definitely change many lives. The musical will also be played as part of the big independence celebrations. They will later on engage in a series of local tours before taking it out to the world.