Amantle: I’m going to be great

SHARE   |   Monday, 03 October 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Amantle: I’m going to be great

Her star is shining bright. Amantle Brown is diminutive in height; a direct contrast to her soaring profile as musician. Hailing from Morwa, she never took her love for music as something that could turn into a big career it is becoming for her. 

Boredom made her musician

This explains how she broke into the music scene. She was bored after finishing her high school. With a musical competition – My Star – underway she chose to audition for it to generate some fun for herself. “That was where I realised that I had it in me, and unfortunately I was eliminated in the top 10,” she said. She felt cheated though. Some of the remaining contestants, she felt, fell way below her in performance and singing ability. She set out to prove a point – demonstrating that the My Star judges made a huge mistake by letting her go. “I wanted them to realise that they lost something, and from there I went from studio to studio trying to find where I can do music,” she said. She moved from one studio to another, seeking a producer who could understand her concept. Some dismissed her as stubborn and difficult. But she was never deterred.

Moratiwa – debuts

She met her current producers in 2013 and released the single Drop it Down Low. She was not happy though; feeling almost like a copycat and decided to do something about it. It didn’t take her long to sit down and write one her biggest hits so far - Moratiwa. The song made her an instant household name. This made her take her music seriously. She dropped out of her engineering programme at the University of Botswana. After Moratiwa she dropped another single Mahitshwana. It was not always easy. “There was a time when there were no shows, no bookings and there was no money coming in, and that time I had already made up my mind that I was going back to school because I thought music has failed me,” she said.  After April this year she released the single Black Mampatile which has elevated her status to new high level. Bookings are pouring in. always every major local event is not done until she has sang. She has now released a full album.  Last year she bagged two awards from the five categories that she was nominated in at the BOMU awards. She has been re-nominated for YAMAs again this year.

Artists’ exploitation

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With her success, one would think that Amantle is enjoying her life to the fullest; she points to the difficulties. As artists, she says, are exploited. “They suck everything out of you. People look at artists who are tiny like me and think just because we look small, we can easily be exploited,” she said. She said behind the scenes there is a lot that goes on beyond the glamour of stage performance. She confesses that there are nights she cries herself to sleep. She says it is important that artist know everything that has to do with music and management and make sure that for everything there is a contract. She appreciates that people know that she can sing now, but she continues to learn every day. She wants to create wealth out of her craft because she has seen that it can sustain her. At the moment she has employs 11 people who work under the brand Amantle Brown. She says that this is already giving her so much experience on the empire that she is building and the brand. She is doing this through the incorporation of business, fashion and music all together because those are all the things that she is passionate about.

I know I’m great

At the moment she is completely focussed on pleasing her fans and appreciating all those who support her. She gets nervous when she has to go on stage all the time where she can’t eat anything at all.  Moratiwa is still that one song that no matter how many times she plays it, that gets her emotional because it is a reflect the true story of what happened to her and her cousin. She says is a sweet nice person that doesn’t take crap though. She encourages women to get in the industry not as princesses but to know that they are coming in to fight. She appreciates the quality of music that Batswana are now producing and applauds the producers. She says her sights are well set on taking on the world. In her calm voice she declares – “Watch the space, I am going to be great, and I know I am great.”