Sweden unveils winning photographer

SHARE   |   Monday, 10 October 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Mosimanewakgosi Mosimanewakgosi

The Swedish Embassy has announced the winner of the Skills by Botswana competition that it has been running to celebrate Botswana. Photographer Kabelo Bobby Mosimanewakgosi was last week unveiled as the winner and will soon be heading for Sweden. Cecilia Julin – Ambassador Designate for the Embassy of Sweden – said the Skills by Botswana exhibition received 348 photographs which were an interpretation of skills by Botswana by those that took the pictures. She said they chose skills because Botswana and Sweden have always had collaborations that are based in promoting skills development through extensive development cooperation. When talking about his picture, the 22-year-old conceded that he is not a professional photographer but has a lot of passion for photography and film; hence he always finds a way of sneaking into events to take pictures. 

In his photograph he shows the silhouette of a linesman in soccer game at sunset, which according to judges, illustrates the importance of both team work and individual skills development for societal excellence. The photo is taken in a rural setting, which proves that skills start from a grass-root level and that excellence can be achieved by anyone. The judges applauded his use of light, depth and silhouettes in his photograph because that evokes feelings of both calm and peace and of a distinctive Botswana ambiance. “I am very excited, and with me going to Sweden I will make sure I also capture their skills,” he said. A book that shows the friendship between Sweden and Botswana over the years was also unveiled. The book that celebrated 50 years of Sweden partnership with Botswana was produced by the Botswana Sweden friendship Association (BOTSFA) which is chaired by Julia Majaha-Jartby. 

“After Botswana gained independence Sweden became a strong development partner working to reduce poverty and to build the skills and capacities that today form part of Botswana’s democratic structures,” said Julin. The Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi expressed her appreciation for the BOTSFA members who have worked tirelessly in producing a book that documents cooperation between Botswana and Sweden over the past five decades. “Had it not been the benevolence of selfless friends like you, the Swedish government and the generosity of other development partners, we would certainly not have achieved the current level of economic development and social progress,” she said.