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Thornhill in cancer awareness campaign

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 08 November 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Thornhill in cancer awareness campaign

Thornhill Zumba Club will on November host a Cancer Awareness Day in partnership with Cancer Association Botswana (CAB) and Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board (BAMB) at Thornhill Primary School. One of the coordinators of the event Tiyapo Graves said they have been doing these awareness campaigns for two years now in partnership with CAB but at a smaller scale. She said this year BAMB came on board and they saw if fit to do the awareness in November so that they can focus on all cancers considering the fact that November is also referred to Movember where awareness is raised on male cancers. The theme of the day is pink and blue or both in order for both men and women to celebrate.

BAMB has pledged that whatever they raise during the day, they will match it and as such they decided to charge the tickets for the event at P100 so that they can be able to raise more money. “CAB does not have a lot of support though it has to bring some of the patients from across the country for treatment in Gaborone where they also have to look after them,” she said. She urged more people to support CAB whichever way possible, calling on everyone to try and make a difference.

Ten different instructors in Zumba from different clubs will lead the awareness day proceedings from 0800 hours. BAMB will offer traditional breakfast. “They want to expose to people that even when you are not well or battling cancer there are healthy recipes that can come from the locally produced ingredients,” she said. Graves said they should also come willing to learn because CAB will provide information to them regarding cancer and will see how they can identify cancer signs.