Painting to live music

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 08 November 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
The audience interacting with Phooko's artwork The audience interacting with Phooko's artwork

Thapong Visual Arts Centre has been hosting an exciting exhibition of South African artist Nico Phooko who has been in Botswana on an exchange programme. Phooko is a very accomplished artist has popularised the unique concept of Live Painting to Music. Phooko entices with his visual mastery and command of sounds where he combines music with his painting as he paints listening to music and the emotions of that very moment. He exploits various mediums including collages, acrylic oils and inks.

Unlike many artists who would not want their artworks messed up with, for Phooko is a different story; anyone can add their touch to his pieces. He captures special events live on canvas. He allowed locals to put their creative minds to work by asking them to join him in painting one of his pieces that he wants to leave as a master piece at the end of his tour. He has awards and distinctions and noteworthy performances under his belt. He has painted in live international events among them the World Economic Forum, International Jazz Day and 5th World Congress.

Thapong Visual Arts Director Reginald Bakwena said for the weeks that they have been hosting Phooko many Batswana artists have been able to learn a lot from him and he believes they will continue to learn more even in his last week. “We need to have this kind of inspiration in order to break away from our norm and challenge our thinking,” he said.