DJ Fresh apologises after 'kak' and 'poephol' complaint

SHARE   |   Thursday, 24 November 2016   |   By Tshisalive
Dj Fresh Dj Fresh

DJ Fresh found himself in hot water this week after a listener laid a complaint against him at the Broadcasting Complaints Commission for using foul language on air. Taking to his popular morning radio show on Wednesday, Fresh told listeners that he had received a complaint for using the words "kak' and "poephol". "The email (complaint) says: ' I cannot stand him using the K.A.K word ever so often. And the way he somehow accentuates the word, it makes it sound even worse than it is," Fresh said on air on Wednesday. Fresh went on to add that the person had also been offended by his recent comment on an alleged rapist crying at the thought that he would spend his life in jail. The complainant called comments and language made by Fresh "unacceptable" and appealed to the SABC to not "allow this kind of language" on radio. Fresh apologised for causing any offence but said he "was angry" by the story of the rape. "Did I use inappropriate language? I'm sorry if it offended you but I was upset, and I am still upset, that our society has come to that. That it's okay to abduct and rape people and then cry about going to jail," Fresh said.