Gabz First Tropical festival

SHARE   |   Monday, 12 December 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Massie Hule Massie Hule

Gaborone is set to host an event dubbed the ‘Gabz First Tropical Festival’ on January 1, 2017 to ignite the city and give its revellers a great time on the day. Hosted by the Colours of Sound (Pty) Ltd, the event is set to be a hit. The coordinator of the event Massie Hule said through the event they aim to promote and celebrate Gaborone. They want to highlight the vibrancy that the city can present through entertainment, showcasing the hospitality that the city can provide, while supporting artists that the city boasts of. 

Local artists will play alongside those from Lesotho, Zimbabwe and South Africa. He said the event will have a tropical theme, urging Batswana to wear tropical gear like the sarongs, floral shirts, floral dresses and rainbow headbands to spice up the mood of the festival. The Patron of the event is none other than the Mayor of the City of Gaborone Kagiso Thutlwe. He said the event will start at 2pm but they will open the gates as from 12 noon so that the revellers can have time to get in and settle for the big party to begin. It takes place at the Gaborone Old Landfill near Fairgrounds. “We take the theme very seriously, and we will transform the place to a tropical. We have already secured 150 palm trees and 50 other trees,” he said.

Hule said even though the place is just a landfill, on the day it will be on a fully blown vegetative state and the revellers will enjoy themselves until three in the morning. Hule said they are lucky they have been given up to three after many appeals to the city council because normally they would have been allowed to not go beyond 12 o’clock especially when putting into consideration that the event will be on a Sunday. He said that there will be 30 artists performing on the day who come from Lesotho, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana. “There will also be so many activities on the day like the beach volleyball and we are securing water slides and jumping castles for adults. There will be water sprinklers with the cool mist during the event,” he said. He said that before fireworks revellers will be welcomed into the New Year by the Mayor Thutlwe.