Beauty within downpour

SHARE   |   Monday, 16 January 2017   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
Beauty within downpour

Last week the southern part of Botswana experienced heavy rainfall leading to some floods. While most people were scared of coming out of their homes, our reporter PHILLIMON MMESO braved the storms. Together with some of his former St Joseph’s college classmates they explored the greater Gaborone, turning the rainfall into an exciting adventure.

Boatle Dam
Our first experience of the roaring waters was at Boatle River which was filled to the rims due to the overflowing Boatle dam. Though it was heavily raining the sound of the water as it hit stones, finding its way out of the small dam brought peace and joy. This is a good spot for those who want to escape from the noise of the city and enjoy peace while entertained by sounds of birds and enjoy the mud smelling air.

Mogonye Gorge
One of the not so advertised tourist gems in the country is Mogonye gorge near the village of Mogonye which is nestled within hills. The hills are home to seven gorges which according to the tour guide hold some divine powers and are revered by the villagers. We arrived at the place late in the afternoon and were told that it was time for ancestors to rest and hence it won’t be advisable to tour the gorges. Our efforts to try and just see one gorge hit a snag as we were told that is totally impossible and too risky. The area has a camp site with ablutions so it is an ideal place for retreats and group outings.

Livingstone tree
Our rainfall exploration landed us in Manyana village which has one of the breath-taking landscapes and we found cover under the famous big fig tree which history taught us that it was used by the great explorer David Livingstone. The tree is still intact.

Manyana falls
Our tour guide Tiro Kganela – who is running the Manyana Escapades – informed us that they have a hidden tourism gems which has not been exposed to the outside world. “We have Manyana falls and is really breath-taking and you will enjoy it though is raining,” he said with doubtful faces staring at him. As we approached the area we could hear the strong current of the river and in unison everyone shouted ‘Ooh my God!’ as we stared at nature’s best creation. Heavy current of water meandering through the small hills and as the afternoon wore on and the rain increasing, Kolobeng River quickly grew into a strong current giving a magnificent view. Though it is not close to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe it can give one a glimpse of what one of the world’s wonders looks like.