Miss Plus Size dethroned

SHARE   |   Monday, 16 January 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Natasha Olopeng Natasha Olopeng

The 2016 Miss Plus Size Mmangaka Coreen Tumagole has been dethroned and replaced with 2nd princess Natasha Olopeng. Miss Plus Director Gorata Kekgethile said Tumagole has been replaced by Natasha Olopeng following a decision by sponsors. Kekgethile accused Tumagole of not being a true representative in the way she portrayed herself, citing the further refusal by the queen to attend the gym and do other core duties assigned to her to ensure that she represents Botswana well in March when they compete for the world title in Trinidad and Tobago. The dethroned queen said she learnt about her dethronement from the media, saying the organisers never sat down with her to tell her their decision. She was crowned the queen on October 15, 2016 and was to get P10 000 cash prize and one year Curves gym membership amongst other things.  She had to be tossed back and forth when she demanded her prizes. 

No prize money
Tumagole said on October 29, 2016 she invited the ladies that competed with her to a pool party hosted for her by her friends and even the Miss Plus Size director Kekgethile was in attendance. “I twisted my ankle at the party and I couldn’t walk but as a student I had to go to school and also be the queen,” she said. She wrote her school examinations in November and one test had to be postponed to December.  She said she told the director that she had to put aside going to the gym to focus on her examinations and also because she had twisted her ankle. All this while she was still struggling with transport because she had to pay for cabs if her father was not dropping her. The frustration also weighed on her parents and they started asking her more about the prize money. “At some point my parents though I received the money and used it,” she said. Tumagole denied ever being inducted on how to behave as a queen. She said Kekgethile never sat her down to brief her on procedures.

The rift
She believes the issue of money is the one that created a rift between them because she always asked Kekgethile about it. “That is because I do not have anything to hide, and also contrary to what Kekgethile said to the media I was always the one who forced her to talk to me because sometimes she will take days without talking to me,” she said. After constant pestering, the director offered to give her money from her pocket, giving her P7 000 with P3 000 remaining. She said after that she was told that she had to apply and pay for her own visa. At the beginning of this week when Tumagole asked Kekgethile to go and meet one of the sponsors, she suggested they meet first. She was asked to bring her signed contract. But the meeting did not materialise. Having been instructed to bring the tiara and the sash, Tumagole said her family engaged a lawyer who insisted on meeting the director. Her issue now shifted to weight, saying Tumagole was dethroned because her weight exceeded 112kg which is the limit at Miss Plus Size and that she can’t be able to get to that weight before March. She said she was not aware of the Miss Plus Size weight quota and doesn’t understand why she was not told at the beginning because would not have competed because she knew she would not lose weight to 112kg.

Which sponsor? 
She disputed claims that she was dethroned because of sponsors, saying she was the one who looked for sponsors. “The director should have called us all together to show that there is nothing fishy going on so that she tells us all these developments because from the statement she says 1st princess won’t go because she lost weight and that is why they chose 2nd princess, but my 1st princess was not even consulted before that decision,” she said. Tumagole also revealed a recording between her and the director in which the director promised to take her to a competition in Beijing, China in April which allows her weight. Kekgethile said in the recording that Tumagole will still be the reigning queen, and will still be the one to crown the next queen. In the recording Kekgethile did admit that she also knew about the weight requirement late, and that is why things happened that way. In the recording the soft spoken director apologised to Tumagole for doing things behind her back, saying that was not her plan.