Vee brand grows

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 07 February 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Vee brand grows

When he dropped out of school to focus on music, he never thought it would make him one of the most successful young people in Botswana. He is a father of two, a husband to a beautiful wife Kagiso, a gospel minister and an artist. Yet Odirile ‘Vee’ Sento has managed to balance all these with ease and transformed himself into household name. The year 2017 promises to be his best ever. “When people were excited about 2016, I said to them that my year is 2017 because I knew that is the year where everything that I have been working so hard on will be revealed,” he said.

JB Sports ambassador
He has just signed a one-year renewable contract with clothing retailer JB Sports, the first ever for him. This means he is now the brand ambassador for the store – he is its face and will promote the brand to his followers. “All the clothes that I will be wearing will be from JB Sports, and there are so many other exciting things that our partnership entails,” he said. He said they are already working on his line for the store, which will also be found in the shops all over, and that is one thing that is very humbling and exciting at the same time. “I never had a clothing line, and to start off with one of the best retailers is something that is way great because now my face and my line will be all over,” he said.

Metro Awards
Even more he is celebrating being nominated for the 2017 Metro FM Awards under the One Africa Category for his song ‘I DO’. Vee said he is over the moon about this nomination because normally other than South Africans, it is the Nigerians that dominate Africa. For him to be in that category means that there is something great that he is doing that they recognised, he said. “The nomination alone shows that we are the hottest in Africa. This is a sign that my movement is bearing fruits because now there is Botswana and I am glad to be the one carrying that name,” he said. Vee credited God as the engine that fuels him to accomplish all he has.

Not rosy
Looking back to where he started, he acknowledged that he never thought he would be where he is now. It has not been all rosy in his career of more than a decade; but he learnt to keep his problems to himself and not the public. “Each and everything that everyone is complaining about now is something that I have been through. It is just that I have responded to those challenges differently. People love self-pity and I am not like that,” he said. Taking a step to go into music fulltime and at a young age was a very big risk which has now turned out to be one of the best decisions he has ever made. To him there are two forms of hassling – education hassle and the creative hassle. The career that he chose, he said, needs someone to be focused because it needs a lot of concentration.

Working on new album
He said when one works for himself there is need for enhanced discipline and things shouldn’t be taken for granted. He appreciated individuals and companies that believed in his work and supported him through the years.  He insisted that his greatest achievement is being a musician and being able to love God and give Him time. At the moment he is busy in the studio working on his next album that will come out next of year. “I want to build more and have a strong foundation in all my projects for 2017,” he said. Though he works throughout, his evenings are usually reserved for the church. He said he is a very sensitive person and it often hurts him when people abuse him through negative comments.  He has helped many artists and enjoys it because giving and sharing his blessings is something that is close to his heart. He has a foundation called JIL (Jesus is Love) Foundation that he uses to give out to ministries and any other needy course.