Orange celebrates its women

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 14 March 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Orange celebrates its women

Under the theme “Be bold for Change, Orange Botswana celebrated Women’s Day by bringing together women at managerial positions to share their experiences as women and what the theme of 2017 International Women’s Day meant to them. When sharing about her experiences Doreen Ntsaga, who works in the IT Department at Orange, said that it has always not been very easy for her as a woman in a field that she is in – she usually finds herself in a meeting with about 10 men as the only female. She said she learnt to embrace her profession and that is why she is where she is. She looks up to one of her lady bosses being Kelly Mfolwe who also went through almost a similar path. Mfolwe herself highlighted that it is important for every woman not to be under any pressure but to do things because they want to do them not because the society wants them to, especially when it comes to having babies or deciding when to marry. “I never had the pressures to rush to have a baby. When I was 30 I did not have a child because I had the goals that I set for myself, and it was only at 32 that I felt I can have a baby,” she said.

Mfolwe said that came up with challenges with her colleagues especially men calling her selfish because they would say she is making enough money to do all those things like have a baby. Being one of the women who hold higher positions, Lepata Mafa-Nthomola said it is important for young women to come to them and seek advice rather than just judging them from a distance because that will not help them. “If you come to me with a judgemental mind that is exactly what you are going to see because you already approach me with a certain mind-set and there is no how we can know your dreams and share our stories if you don’t approach us,” she said. Mafa-Nthomola said they are very approachable. Mafa-Nthomola said it is important for women to do what makes them comfortable and look the way they want rather than conforming to what the society wants out of them. The ladies ended up the fun date with a toast to be women of their choice and to strive in every part of their lives to succeed at home and at work.

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