AN AFFAIR WITH MUSIC; Lexy J engages Manase-Ntau

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 18 April 2017   |   By Dj Lexy J
AN AFFAIR WITH MUSIC; Lexy J engages Manase-Ntau

Joyce Manase-Ntau, 41 years old, Miss Intervarsity 1995, Miss Botswana 1996, married to Mothusi Nicholas Ntau and a mother of three under 13-year-olds.  Marketing & Communications General Manager at Botswana Post, Chairperson of INK Foundation, A member of HOPE Worldwide Botswana, Former CEO of Hope World Wide Botswana, Gabz Fm and e-Botswana TV.

DJ Lexy J: I’d like to know your relationship with music, when did the love begin? How far back can you remember?
MANASE-NTAU: As far as I remember it started during my childhood, before primary school. I used to watch my parents dance to the Country and Western and Mbaqanga music. I really enjoyed singing along and dancing with them. Then with the influence of my older siblings at high school my taste of music began to embrace the Soulful sound. As I grew older my relationship with music became more personal. As a teen I fell in love with dance and R & B music, even though my taste accommodated all the genres. My all-time favourites being Black Box, Tracy Chapman, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson (everybody’s favourite), Brenda, Bobby Brown, Boyz to Men, Kriss Kross, Ricardo, and Madonna.

DJ Lexy J: What kind of music do you love and how often do you indulge yourself?
MANASE-NTAU: I am still big on R & B. I love my old collection the most. I have since found a place for gospel music in my heart. There are two local gospel artists: Mate & Franklin whose albums dominate my playlist. I mostly listen to music when I drive and when I do my workouts (walking and jogging). It is these two artists I listen to and my personal mix (compiled for me by two music fanatics Peo Hadebe and Neo Monamodi).

DJ Lexy J: How has music influenced your life over the years?
MANASE-NTAU: Music has helped in broadening my thinking, given me some life lessons, preached the gospel to me and even exposed me to the cultural diversity that is enveloped in it. It has introduced me to places I have never been to physically, taught me languages no one has spoken to me, and has taught me things I never knew existed. It touches my soul and feeds it when it needs feeding.

DJ Lexy J: Does the music you listen to now differ from what you listened to growing up?
MANASE-NTAU: Not Really. I have just embraced new artists here and there, but the core of my being really resonates well with my old tunes.

DJ Lexy J: Can you think of any particular music/song that you associate a memory, mood, or place with?
MANASE-NTAU: Michael Jackson’s You Rock My World – Back in 2001 in December 22nd when my then boyfriend went down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage; this song was the sound track of that magical moment. It was pretty special and there were a lot of emotions involved at that time.

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What is your all-time favourite song(s)?
MANASE-NTAU: Baby Can I Hold You Tonight – Tracy Chapman (I shot to stardom at high school singing this song); I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston; Like A Prayer – Madonna; and Been Around The World - Joyce Simms.

DJ Lexy J: Who is your all-time favourite Artist, and why?
MANASE-NTAU: Tough to choose between Tracy Chapman and Whitney Houston. I love Tracy’s humanitarianism that is revealed through her music and I love Whitney’s soulfulness in her music.

DJ Lexy J: What’s on your playlist and how do you choose the music that goes onto it?
MANASE-NTAU: Mate, Franklyn and my Old skool collection. My tunes are those that I can easily sing along and dance to.

DJ Lexy J: So long, have yourself a super duper day!!
MANASE-NTAU: Thanks Lexy J and an awesome day to you too.