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The man & his bike:  Boemo Andersson

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 10 May 2017   |   By B. Double
The man & his bike:  Boemo Andersson

Boemo Andersson is a crime scene investigator with the Botswana Police Service. Just as Clark Kent turns into Superman and Bruce Wayne turns into Batman, when Boemo Andersson mounts his bike, he transforms into “Corpsegrinder”. Indeed Corpsegrinder is the sobriquet by which he is known in the Gaborone biking community. Corpsegrinder was inspired to ride by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in the Terminator movies. “I fell in love with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s attire,” he reminisces. He was in awe of the “brutality” of the character as he describes it. In Terminator 2, Schwarzenegger rode a Harley Davidson Fatboy, and Corpsegrinder instantly fell in love with this motorcycle. This was the beginning of his love affair with motorcycles and biking culture. Corpsegrinder is an ardent fan of rock music. Apart from the Terminator movies, he was impressed by other movies which heavily featured rock music with characters dressed in leather riding cruiser motorcycles. His first bike was a Skygo 250cc cruiser. This was in 2009. Corpsegrinder bought the Skygo from a Polish expatriate in Tutume, where he was based at the time. At this time he had no clue how to ride. He asked the Polish man to show him how to get the bike to move and where all the controls were. After this, Corpesgrinder practiced riding at home by himself and taught himself how to ride. Corpsegrinder borrowed a motorcycle theory manual from the Department of Road Transport and Safety and used it to study for his theory test. He struggled through the theory test; he had to try it three times. However, he sailed through the yard test and road test. His next bike was a customised Suzuki SG 850. This was a heavily customised bike which he could often be seen riding around Gaborone looking as “brutal” as Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator movies.

Corpsegrinder’s current bike is a Suzuki Intruder. It has an engine capacity of 800cc. It is heavily customised and is what is known as a “chopper”. Corpsegrinder loves the sound of the Intruder. He also likes the look with all the chrome, which he describes as “magnificent”. “It is an easy bike to maintain,” he explains. This is good for him as he does most of the maintenance himself. Corpsegrinder does a lot of riding by himself. However, he also rides with a group on weekends. They call themselves the “Metal Bikers”. They Metal Bikers are not a formally registered club. They are just a group of friends united by the love of rock and motorbikes. However, they do have a patch, which they wear on their waist coats. The Metal Bikers are twelve in number. They all ride cruisers. They usually ride in the afternoon at what he describes as “a very slow pace”. Corpsegrinder says that he tried to ride with different clubs and groups but felt that he did not fit in. He says that, as rock fans, the Metal Bikers are simple people. They ride to places like Old Naledi, where many people would not wish to go. A lot of bikers come to Corpsegrinder for assistance with repairing and maintaining their bikes. He assists them for free because he believes in the brotherhood of biking.