The Room50two experience

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 10 May 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
The Room50Two Hotel room The Room50Two Hotel room

The management of Room50two hosted a media on a tour on Thursday evening with the highlight being the opening of their new restaurant. The hotel has enjoyed a lot of hype since opening based on its exclusivity and that it is in one of the tallest building in the country. The mystery starts with its name - Room50two! Some are intrigued by this and are always eager to find more about the place. Going by the tagline ‘rooms with a view’, each room gives the visitor a beautiful view of the lovely CBD and the city of Gaborone. The hotel, which has one of the widest reception areas, always makes someone feel like they are on a journey to discover something different with their rooms. The rooms range from standard to premium plus, catering for different classes’ needs. The standard room has got a microwave, a fridge, a stove and a wide flat screen TV. The furniture has a touch of class. Grey, black and white colours were used with a touch of colourful artworks by local youngsters and cushions. There is free WiFi for guests.

The hotel boasts of very welcoming and lively staff from the chauffeurs that greet you with a wild smile to those at the restaurant and even the management. To those that visit the city for the first time the place is next to a few interesting places like the National Museum, the Three Dikgosi National Monument and shops. The hotel also offers two paraplegic rooms designed to cater for the people in wheelchairs, with a wheelchair also available on request. The menu at the restaurant is varied. Someone can get to enjoy breakfast classics be it pancakes and eggs favourites. Lunch ranges from salads to different kinds of meat and dinner that is served until 11pm. The hotel offers the serenity, peace and quietness that best suits business travellers. The hotel is only residential and does not have any conference centre, and as such movement of people is limited. The hotel team is led by the suave Shirley Tjirokohe who is the General Manager. There are always specials on weekends where most rooms usually cost about a comfortable P700 even though they cost a little above P1000 on a normal booking day. The hotel has 54 rooms.