Kwadiba going big!

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 10 May 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Kwadiba going big!

Budding gospel artist Tshegofatso Kwadiba’s fashion sense and looks are a magnet that constantly draw legions of fans. His inbox is flooded with messages of love from fans that barely talk about his music.  However, Kwadiba is not lured into this distraction. He does not consider himself a fashionista – however he looks or what he puts on is not meant to elicit such views. He has had his fair share of struggle. Being ill, meant that he could not finish his high school on time like his age mates. When he lost a brother in car accident when he was travelling to come and see him he carried the guilt and pain of loss for years. “I felt like everyone hated me even my family. I really wanted to die because I couldn’t do anything for myself and I felt like everyone was tired of me,” he said. He said the strength that he gathered from all these challenges made him to push on despite sceptics dismissing his attempts. His Christian background inspired his singing career. He started by singing in his local church. Then he felt forced to sing; now he does it because he enjoys it. His father who stays in South Africa always bought many CDs and DVDs so that they can listen to music even though they are not a musical family that much. “I never took singing seriously until I felt it myself as to why I was doing it. My singing led to Jam for Christ scouting me and asking me to join their group,” he recalled.

Through this group he learnt a lot from the likes of veteran producer Tshepo Lesole. It was in South Africa where he evolved. He realised it was time for people know who he is. Some advised him against it taking the big step into music industry, but he felt he could soldier on. He formally launch into the industry last year. “The launch had a beautiful turnout and ever since then people have been stunned. They did not have any idea that was just an introduction of who I am to them and what I bring to the table,” he said.  He does not consider himself to as an artist but rather as a minister who wants to reach out to all the many young people out there. At the moment he is getting ready to do a live recording in February 2018 which will cost him about P600 000. Since he wants a high quality product, he is sparing no effort in achieving his intentions as a solo artist.  

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