Letsema: The make-up genius 

SHARE   |   Monday, 15 May 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Letsema: The make-up genius 

One of the top local ‘Social Media Influencers’, Letsema Gaefhele has become the icon of beauty and make up. A business strategy major graduate from the University of Botswana, she has shelved her certificate to pursue beauty as a trade. “There are those people that still look at us and think we are just these dumb ladies who only want to look good. Even when I get to a room to present my business to someone they will be looking at my makeup and even though it can be challenging in some aspects it is great to defy the odds,” she said. It has not always been easy for her. She grew up as a slow learner with even grasping some of the simplest concepts being one of the most difficult things to do. Perhaps a lot had to do with the fact that she lost her mother when she was very young.  She was taken in by her aunt, and later her older sister brought her to stay with her. Her sister and her husband raised her as if they were raising their own. She is grateful to her brother-in-law. “He has been more than a father to me because I am that child who does not know who her biological father is and has never seen him with my eyes,” she said. That taught Letsema to be selfless and to understand the value of love. She managed to defy all odds, the bullying and criticism as youngster and eventually ended up at UB studying Business majoring in Strategy. Another Social Media Influencer Belle Seabo – her best friend – introduced her to the art of makeup and looking good. This has eventually become a very successful business for them in their individual capacities. 

Having grown from humble beginnings and facing constant criticism inspired her to always help and make people who are not confident about themselves look and feel good about who they are. She gives makeup to people who are suffering from terminal diseases like cancer, especially at their lowest point when they are going through the treatment process. She also gives face beats to those that have skin defects like those with burnt faces. The smile that she gets from all these people when she is done with them gives her great satisfaction. “It is fulfilling to help these people feel better about them because I was just an ordinary girl as well who works hard to be where she is,” she said. Letsema has faced harsh criticism, with some dismissing her beauty as being overrated. While she crashed from such criticism, she got emboldened to focus and work hard. Now there is no weekend that goes without her being fully booked. She is in no competition with anyone because to her Botswana is too big for all of them. She trends by Beauty with Lei and even at this moment she is booked for weeks ahead. 

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