Book Review: The Pearl of a Saint

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Book Review: The Pearl of a Saint

Book title: The Pearl of a Saint

Author: Kenneth ‘Cutrite’ Moeng

Publisher: Self-published

Rating: PG–Rated 


Two weeks ago my Editor offered me a few copies of a book he said he thought might interest me. After offering some of the copies to my colleagues I browsed through it and put it aside, promising myself that I will read it later. The fact that it had a PG Rated sticker got me curious. I got even more drawn to it when our front office manager came running to me, holding the book and giggling and saying I should see something. After reading a few lines from the story she was reading I immediately reached for my copy and started reading. The book is none other than Kenneth ‘Cutrite’ Moeng’s: The Peril of a Saint, a small anthology of poems and tales published this year and printed by Associated Printers Botswana. What I discovered when I started reading was a roller-coaster nest of literary works which cut across spheres of life topics that shouldn’t be missed by any one. The book is divided into eight chapters – each addressing a different theme. The themes include Imagination and Reason, Spirituality, Hope and despair, Love and Romance, Pessimism, Sexuality and Social Justice, Leadership and finally Miscellaneous. Some chapters only have one or two poems/tales. This then makes it quite possible for one to enjoy the author’s rich literary prowess within just over two hours, re-read again and appreciate it more. While the book has poems and tales that will get any reader ponder on the serious issues of life such as politics, leadership and life, it also has those which are either challenging to the reader or are teasing enough for one to relax and enjoy. Some topics are otherwise taboo talk in traditional Setswana culture and other societies. 

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Poems and tales such as The Peril of a Saint which the book derives its name from, Village clowns, Which Democracy and fake leaders could perhaps appeal to readers who are more into cutting edge and governance issues. There is no doubt that the majority of people, especially women cannot resist stories, poems and tales of love. Moeng explores this multidimensional emotion in tales and poems such as Man Enough- R-U, My Future Girl, Safe-Wronged-Screwed, Virgin at The Core, Woman and They stole my Man. In the last chapter Miscellaneous there is a tale entitled – My penis monologue (My colleague was reading this particular one when her hysteria and urge got me into eventually reading the whole book). It’s crude and raw language will for sure capture the interest of most readers who are not too conservative. I could quote a line or two from the story but you would rather you read it for yourself. (I think the PG: Rated sticker is more relevant to this one). Perhaps the author captures it more precisely when he notes in his foreword that a reader will “be exposed to a mosaic that emotes imagination and reason, hope and despair, pessimism, sanguinity, amorousness, cynicism, empathy, melancholy, desolation, reverence and sometimes absolute debauchery”.

About the Author

Kenneth ‘Cutrite’ Oaitse Moeng is a renowned dynamic media manager, actor, poet, writer, comedian, producer, MC and musician. Having been at the helm of the media and arts industry for over 20 years in Botswana, Cutrite has perfected his love for the art of creative writing and performances. In his quest to contribute immensely to the development of what is now a flourishing music and arts industry in Botswana, he co-founded Ex-Cut-Edge recording and performing music group as well as Exodus Live Poetry. The Peril of a Saint is his first published collection of poems and tales through which he shares his world of imagination.