Afrobella’s hair show

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 30 May 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Afrobella hair salon Afrobella hair salon

The use of chemicals in hair has always been a subject of curiosity and debate.  But Afrobella – a local hair salon – has taken a stand on this. It does not use chemicals on hair. To them the most important thing is health of an individual since chemicals cause severe damage on the hair. On June 16, the hair studio will host the hair and fashion show dubbed #HF_17 at the No-1 Ladies Detective Coffee House which will see the models strutting their stuff all adorning their natural hair. Afrobella’s Marketing Manager Monica Dube-Sekhwale said they offer natural hair care and maintenance, highlighting the value of relaxation. That is why Afrobella was formed. “The Managing Director realised that there was a need in this country to come up with a salon that deals with natural hair only. We don’t use chemicals at all and all our products are plant based so as not to harm the hair,” she said. Sekhwale said she has always heard people say that maintaining natural hair is expensive and it takes a long time but those are just excuses. She said it is time people consider their health first and know that the chemicals that they are putting on their hair are affecting their whole body. “People go to the salon and they get burned sometimes, not realising that the chemical goes deeper and that is why their hair end up falling down and that is what I also went through before I started having natural hair like this,” she said. Sekhwale said for everyday care they have what is called the lock method which consists of liquid, oil and cream which is important for every single person who has natural hair for the hair to be hydrated and for it to grow well. She said it is very easy to keep natural hair and those who want to go that path should reach out to them so that they can help them. She said when they plait the hair they should make sure that they do not make it too tight so as to protect it. Sekhwale said they will be bringing creative people for their June 16 for the hair and fashion show. The designers that will be showcased at the show are Kaone Moremong of House of Kay, Tshepo Mane, Phenyo Oaitse of Much Couture, Lindiwe of Tswana Hustler and Oteng Diphere. The artists include Yaw Bannerman, Zuziwe Mavuma and Jyotica.