AN AFFAIR WITH MUSIC; DJ Lexy J engages Kenneth Moeng

SHARE   |   Monday, 05 June 2017   |   By Dj Lexy J
AN AFFAIR WITH MUSIC; DJ Lexy J engages Kenneth Moeng


I am Kenneth “Cutrite” Moeng, a Programmes Manager at Gabz fm. I hold too much in my hat but to mention a few; being an Author, Poet, Artist, Comedian, Radio Dj, Producer, and Actor will do.  I was born and raised in Molepolole.

DJ LEXY J: I’d like to know your relationship with music, when did the love begin? How far back can you remember?

MOENG: My relationship with music began in 1989 when I was doing Form 2 at Junior High School. 

DJ LEXY J: What kind of music do you love and how often do you indulge yourself?

MOENG: I love House, Neo Soul and some Gospel music.

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DJ LEXY J: How has music influenced your life over the years?

MOENG: Music has really shaped my life one way or the other. It is the love for music that led me to radio. I remember when I was a young boy growing up I vowed to work on radio when I completed school. As the saying goes, ‘Dreams do come true” I was then employed by RB 2 on the 1st August 1997.Today I stand proud as the Programme Manager at Gabz fm.

DJ LEXY J: Does the music you listen to now differ from what you listened to growing up?

MOENG: Yes, the music has changed tremendously. I grew up listening to music I consider classical which is full of rhythm, but today’s music lacks the good texture. Nowadays artists do not take their time to come up with a quality product that will have a longer life span in the market.  

DJ LEXY J: Can you think of any particular music/song that you associate a memory, mood, or place with?

MOENG: I first fell in love with the song called ‘Pump up the Jam’ by the group Technetronic in the late 80s and start of the 90s and a song by Doug Lazy – ‘Let the Rhythm Pump’. This was a time when Funk and Rap were quite new and trendy, the curly hairstyles were in and the 90s had only started. These songs take me back to Kgari Sechele days 1989 and 1990, a time when we were young and starting to discover ourselves at form 2 and 3.

DJ LEXY J: What is your all-time favourite song(s)?

MOENG: Tina Turner – What’s Love got to Do; Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman; and Lil Louis - Lonely (Lonely People).  


DJ LEXY J: Who is your all-time favourite artist, and why?

MOENG: Tina Turner - What’s Love got to do. This was “The song” during our childhood days. I listened to this song and somehow it made my world complete, after listening to it I almost imagined a time and place I have never seen and I have since come to see that time, a time when music was my sanctuary and I made music that people found comfort in. 


DJ LEXY J: What’s on your playlist and how do you choose the music that goes onto it?

MOENG: I am sitting on a few thousands, but at the top of the list is Calvin Harris – Rolling Featuring Future and Khalid. I am collecting songs that have a Neo Soul Vibe with a certain Classical Rhythm with a good progression on the chords.


DJ LEXY J: So long, have yourself a super duper day!!