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The model photographer

SHARE   |   Monday, 14 August 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
The model photographer

He is one of the finest lifestyle photographers in the country at the moment and even boosts of getting international photography assignments. Bobby Mfolwe is a regular at fanciest places around the country and has a hub featuring beautiful people in beautiful clothes. His platform has become more of the ‘mama I made it platform’ for those who make an effort to look good because they would know that if featured on the hub, they would be doing something right when it comes to fashion. Fox news recently appointed him as its official photographer for the professional boxing bouts that were hosted at the GICC. He is doing all this under Model Hub International where he is a director. He founded the company in 2015. An accountant by profession, photography stole his heart and he went online to learn more about the craft. Mfolwe identified a gap in the market and hence moved in to create a hub or a platform where fashionistas, makeup artists, models, corporates and everyone involved can be showcased altogether. “I realised that a lot of models here do not have a platform to showcase their talents though they are the pillars of the industry as they are used by everyone from corporates to designers many others,” he said. Mfolwe’s Hub has now become a hit with even corporates seeking to be featured on it due to its popularity and presence on social media. He said they go to classy events to show how the regular people that attended looked. 

Mfolwe’s success did not come easy as often he had to pay his way into events. “I will go to an extent of buying a VIP ticket just so that I can be there to learn and that is where I saw that a lot of people go all out to look good at events but nobody was seeing that because no one was profiling them. We will only see the top corporates if it was a corporate event or celebrities only,” he said. He started profiling the suits, shoes, watches, and accessories that the guests adorned. He is now one of these crowd pullers and brand influencers. “I love how imagery has now taken over because they know that if you are not dressed to impress you will not be taken a picture, and that is why now promoters are doing themed events so that people can dress up be snapped,” he said. Mfolwe said he is happy about how he has changed the lifestyle game around with other photographers following his route. With two years in the business, they are a true reflection ‘Stylish and Fashionable’- their tagline. He is happy that people often tell him how they try hard to make sure they take their pictures. He said he instils in people good health and positivity, just through his lens.