Butler, Whalum on fire 

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 05 September 2017   |   By Ontametse Suhar
Kirk Whalum [L] and Jonathan  Butler at the Stanbic Piazza Kirk Whalum [L] and Jonathan Butler at the Stanbic Piazza

American artists Jonathan Butler and Kirk Whalum set Molapo Piazza on fire with their electrifying performances during the GIMC week. The duo performed with affection to the audience that just couldn’t contain themselves. Other artists for the night were Amantle Brown and Lorraine Lionheart. Butler, performing in Botswana for the second time in his long career, said he didn’t mind coming back each and every year whenever he is needed. He said whenever he is in Botswana he feels a lot at home. He said even though they perform in a jazz festival they always want to create impact and that is why they even do workshops here. “Whenever you need me I will be here. If you need me to support any initiative Botswana, I am here because it is always great being here. We need to keep the music alive,” he said, adding there is a lot in his heart that he wants to give and that is why there will never be a problem with them coming back to Botswana. 

Whalum said having interacted with Batswana, one thing that he would always hold in his heart is the courteousness that is in Batswana and the warmth. He said it was very lovely to meet some of the kids that they shared a message with to plant a seed in them that will be nourished into something that will bless the world. “The hospitality here showed that those kids can grow up into whatever that they want to be, and we made a song with them where they were chanting ‘I will not give up on me,” he said. He is very grateful for the amazing time he has had. Gaborone mayor Kagiso Thutlwe appreciated GIMC, saying it is very motivating and he is very proud that during his time as a mayor there has been growth in the music industry. He said the potential in music in the country is very amazing and as such that needs to be documented. The man behind the GIMC Fish Pabalinga said even though he often gets the praise alone, it is the combined efforts between him, the sponsors and his team that works over time to make sure that the GIMC is delivered successfully to Batswana.