Helping the broken 

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Helping the broken 

Coming from a broken family led Fidelia Masomosomo into making sure that she helped children in difficulties to turn them into responsible young people. Fidel, as she is widely known, says though coming from a financially stable home she had many issues to deal with personally. She felt she was not stimulated enough and was not listened to – leading her into doing wayward things. At one point all she did was get drunk and smoke weed, having lost all interest in schooling. “I think I am a born leader and born entrepreneur but these are the qualities that my parents missed on when I was growing up. I used to sell stuff and my mother always wondered why I wanted to do those things when we were okay at home. I was forced to study. They made me into what they thought was good,” she said. Fidel said if they would have allowed her and embraced who she was she would have fulfilled her passions. She believes that young people are not listened to when they speak and are mostly misinterpreted. She is now a coach, mentor and motivational speaker who founded Game Changers Charity Organisation to groom and mentor young people. “I am an image brand developer basically and because success starts from within I need to build someone first in regard to their image,” she said.  She said they are involved in the social development of those that they assist covering academics, tuition, sports and many other areas. She has a group of 35 mentors who are always ready to assist those in need. She said they organise summits and talk shows and go around schools where they bring influential people and entrepreneurs to inspire youth. “We want students to dream beyond what they think they are and we make them understand that achievement is not only academic but there are other areas they can succeed in apart from the world of a classroom, especially those who are not gifted academically,” she said. 

They have identified young people that they can assist while others are reaching out to them through social media. She said they identify problems that those young people might be going through and bring in mentors who went through the same experiences to share with them. “We reach out to the youth who are coming from prison and those who have been dealing with different issues and even crime, to come and share with them from experience,” she said. She said parents should know that they are helpers not commanders because all the issues that they deal with get back into how the parents treat their children and how they do not listen to them. She said some of the children seek their help because their parents doubt their honesty while in actual fact they are not doing anything off wrong.  “The youth have a way of feeling like they know a lot. It is always important to level yourself to their standards and that is the only time they can be transformed. We are happy with the many lives that we have transformed because we have raised so many top achievers and those that have even started their own businesses,” she said. Fidel said they often raise funds for young people who need necessary resources to excel. As a proud graduate in Accounting and Finance she has been helpful in assisting the youth to make right decisions about money.  She urged parents not to talk anyhow to someone who is broken because that can derail them off course even further and turn them into complete rebels. She advised that people should stop judging others on face value based on where they stay, what they can afford, and how they look because inside they might be torn and damaged.  

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