Three ways to wear A ‘Rorisang Lu’ statement piece 

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 10 October 2017   |   By Rorisang Ndlovu 
Three ways to wear A ‘Rorisang Lu’ statement piece 

Every season comes with new trends and styles, but some of us can agree that it may be a bit difficult to find authentic and exclusive designs at an affordable price in Gaborone and beyond. And when you do get your hands on something unique, how do you even wear it? Where do you wear it? How do you make yourself look bold without looking too whimsical? As stylish women we can agree that we would like our looks to be tasteful and effortless when it comes to putting something together for a wedding or work function. We don’t have to retire to the same dress every time. We need to learn to create options for ourselves. It would be amazing to be able to buy an outfit for every single event of our lives, but it's not practical. How about investing in a few statement pieces and styling it with what your closet already has. Here is an example with one of the exclusive items of the Rorisang Lu spring/summer 2018 collection: The net sleeve kimono. 

Colour: The Rorisang Lu brand believes that an outfit's colour palette is the most important factor in creating a successful image. The kimono has all the vibrancy and uniqueness to speak for you, so it would be best to use one neutral colour to compliment it. Black is best. Signature: For your outfit to look as effortless as possible, you need to add a bit of you, your signature to it. If you usually wear pants, then wear pants and if you wear dresses then use a dress. There’s no need to feel intimidated by an item just because it is bold. First pick the colour and then the style. Rorisang Lu garments provide a certain versatility to accommodate your signature too. Accessories/ Hair/ Make up: The bolder the piece the less accessories you need, keep it simple. Stick to no more than three pieces of accessories – A bag, earrings and a bracelet. This is how we maintain our tasteful traits. With any look your hair needs to be primarily neat. Pull it back if braided, comb it well if natural and tie it back if weaved. Make up can make or break your look so I highly recommend to keep it natural. No bold lips nor eyes. Enhance your face with a nude palette, add a hint of gloss to the lips and 3 coats of mascara for the lashes and you are ready-to-go in Rorisang Lu ready-to-wear.

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