Trading in make-up! 

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Trading in make-up! 

Mpho Donald is making a roaring business by selling make-up. Her business concept is simple – she buys broken makeup of high quality brands and then sell it to locals at a cheaper price. This has made Donald to be one of the sensations in cosmetics in Gaborone; selling from her stall at the Gaborone Main Mall. “I don’t sell fake makeup to my customers. I rather opt for cheap legit products than the fake ones, and broken makeup is what makes people to flock to my stall because they know that there is no where they can get those products with the prizes that they get them from me. I have been very happy with the results,” she said. It is not only passerby’s that come to Donald’s stall, but even renowned local make-up artists resort to her and buy her products to use on their clients. Her perseverance and hard work have made her stand out and appealing to customers. She found a niche of making this work for her by offering an incredible service to customers and also making sure that she stocks the broken makeups which are doing unbelievably well. Social media has been her most effective marketing tool – every time she posts her wares customers flock for them. Donald uses women empowerment forums, the advertiser and social media platforms to sell her makeup, especially broken ones and it goes on fast. She sells Nora Cosmetics that are produced by a local business woman because the high quality of the product. 

Rubbishing the counterfeit allegations, Donald said it is important for people to research and find out how a counterfeit product looks like. She said she is building her empire despite the hassle and challenges that comes with it. She intends to open a shop soon and will be going to China to learn more about makeup products. One of her key clients is local artist and makeup pundit Motswafere who uses her products and has been promoting the products. Donald is very proud of having proven that makeup and cosmetics business can be very successful. She is able to afford decent living and take her kids to private schools. She encouraged young people to be passionate of whatever that they do. “People will always want to bring you down, but it is up to you to rise up against the odds,” she said. She said some celebrities that support include Charma Girl and Sheilah Molelekwa. She said she knows she can be able to grow exceptionally from where she is at the moment because of the support of her customers with even successful local business owners using her products.

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