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Fashion designer or Tailor?

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 17 October 2017   |   By Rorisang Ndlovu
Fashion designer or Tailor?

As a fashion entrepreneur, in Gaborone, I have come to the realisation that most people cannot distinguish a fashion designer from a tailor. A very important detail that makes either profession completely different from one another. Some people look for a designer when all they need are the skills of a tailor and others search for a 'good' tailor when in fact they want a creative, a designer. A tailor cuts, repairs, joins and does everything practically on the cloth using scissors and sewing machines. A tailor follows a fixed pattern to do the same traditional work for decades. Nothing new is done. He or she directly takes measurements and works on the design given by the customer. Innovation is absent. A fashion designer thinks, creates and sketches a design of items or complete looks. He or she does not necessarily have to know how to make patterns nor sew. Professional designers have all the knowledge about fashion from history, trends, major fashion houses, colours, shapes and fabrics and have a basic knowledge about the structure of clothes and patterns. Without designers, tailors cannot create new things and without tailors, designers create the same. Tailoring is a skill, designing is a talent and an art.

We as Batswana are accustomed to tailors. Various women have used tailors with their own designs looking to pay for their tailoring skills, but few women go to designers intending to buy their creativity within the garment. Clients are so used to being the designer themselves that it becomes a different experience when a professional designer approaches them with a made garment and/or look. Sometimes, they would make an order for the presented item only to make other changes of the designer product. This takes away from the designer and the client only intends of paying for tailoring services and not for the design. Design only matters to the client when a tailor has done a bad job in picking in the right fabric, materials and shape. That is when they feel that they did not get their money's worth. Rorisang Lu is a fashion designer, a creative and entrepreneur. It is a brand that offers authentic, unique and sophisticated items for the bold women of today. The brand consists of collections and stories for each season. The brand goes beyond beauty and exclusive style; it embraces who you boldly are. From the exquisite minimalist to the eccentric extrovert, we aspire to grow, to be more than mediocre and to always create for the art of fashion.

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