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The power of fashion 

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 25 October 2017   |   By Rorisang Ndlovu 
The power of fashion 

Finding your own sense of self in clothing may come easy for some, but for others it may be the most difficult task as most of us don't grow up in a very fashion saturated environment, especially in Botswana. For most of us fashion is not a necessity but wearing clothes is. We reflect bits of ourselves through what we decide to wear each day and eventually it becomes our image. Just like all fashion brands are. They communicate with their customers, portraying personality, capacity and character through the garments they offer. Fashion is a powerful platform for the designer and the wearer. Rorisang Lu is a brand like no other because it takes any opportunity to demonstrate its power through image and self-reflection. Clothes should not be easily disposable or underrated. In Gaborone we only worry about looking as fashionable and stylish as the events we are invited to, after that we then fall back to our comfortable and uniform style for our everyday lives. When we should practice through the rhythm of creating a new-look each day. This is how things become effortless and priceless. Your aura complimented by the garments. Rorisang Lu embraces the woman that doesn't see fashion as fabric deep, but as a force, a weapon and a shield at the same time. When you dress like a powerful person, you are most likely A powerful person.  How you display it is up to you.  Don't wait for events to show off your closet, but be the event itself.

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