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Scott: Wedding gown specialist 

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 25 October 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Scott: Wedding gown specialist 

Her niche is in designing wedding gowns. Delayna Scott, who was born in Georgetown, Guyana in the Caribbean Islands and relocated with her family to Botswana in 1999 when she was just 14 years old, is running a roaring design business. She is popularly known for designing sexy outfits, a strong influence from her Caribbean background.  Scott said her outfits are sexy most of the time because in the Caribbean they don’t like clothes that much. Delayna Scott Designs is a women’s clothing brand carrying the slogan “perfectly woman”. It is a brand for women who are seeking edgy, yet timeless elegant classy pieces. Her designs are for women who want to feel good, love their bodies and are comfortable in them; confident and not afraid to explore different styles of designs. She didn’t study Fashion Design first in school, but started on it due to her passion. Before she did her fashion and apparel design course she completed her degrees in Graphic Design and as a Pharmacy Technician. “All these other degrees I did them because that is what my parents wanted for me. I made sure that I did that for them, and later I realised that my passion doesn’t lie in any of the courses but rather fashion,” she said. Scott said she was convinced that being a designer is something that she was meant to be. She emerged as the best graduating student for the Faculty of Fashion, giving her the motivation to launch Delayna Scott Designs clothing brand.  Her previous label was DelaTash on which she worked with a colleague before separating because of the difference in creativity. 

“It is not like we had any bad blood but rather we realised that we needed to go separate ways for growth,” she said. She has since participated in numerous fashion shows. “I participated in the Colour in the Desert Fashion show amongst some of Africa’s best designers Johan Gert Coetzee, Taibo Bacar and Thula Sindi just to name a few,” she said. Delayna Scott designs also showcased at the London Africa Fashion Week 2012 under the Limkokwing University fashion club collection. She said creating wedding gowns is something that is very exciting for her at the moment even though they take time to design. She makes them on order for clients that want custom-made designs. She will be taking part in the Masa Fashion Show, where she will bring outfits that are ready to wear. She refused to reveal the make-up of her line for the show, preferring to keep it as a beautiful surprise. She is also proud to have dressed many beauty queens, who have mostly been able to win in her gowns.

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