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Ranna’s fitness boot camps a hit 

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 31 October 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Ranna’s fitness boot camps a hit 

He is one of the fieriest fitness instructors in the country at the moment. This has drawn most to his boot camps more so that they combine travel and fitness. Shakes Ranna trained and worked as a soldier, which unleashed his love for physical fitness and the discipline that goes with it. Though he has a gym he loves aerobics more aerobathon – six hours of training – being his great passion. He started boot camps, which are mostly popular with soldiers, after realizing that most people were drawn to them. “Boot camps have been extracted from the military training, and most of the times they bring results. I started these boot camps when I was him the force and saw the need to introduce them to civilians where they also go in the bush just to train,” he said. He later came up with the adventure boot camp after he saw people from far places like Kasane wanting to take part. This then meant people will register from all over the country and will come together in one place for this boot camp. They have hosted them in places like Kasane, Makgadikgadi, Sun City and Mozambique. “We are looking forward to another one and we want it to be in Durban. Due to the number of people that want to be part of these trips now I think I need to do them more often than I did so that most people can take part in them. People have now found purpose for travelling to all these different places,” he said. According to Ranna, all they do is travel, tour and train and everyone has been happy with the results. 

He said many Batswana enjoy sports festivals and hence he brought together different trainers to come with their groups and spend the whole day training and mingling. They also catered for people living with disabilities, which is how he started working with Bothakga Primary School that has children living with disabilities. “People really come to the festivals and with the excitement of supporting children I have seen many people come on board just because they know that the money that they pay to be part of the event will go a long way in helping those children and assisting them achieve their dreams,” he said. Ranna said generally parents do not look out for the health of their children resulting with them letting their kids indulge in all the bad food. He said they want to reach out to all schools around the country and assist them. Ranna said the importance of fitness can never be over emphasized, and that is why it is vital for all to hold their hands in making Botswana a healthy nation that is free from lifestyle diseases. 

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