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Sasa Klaas Sasa Klaas

She came into the local music scene recently and already the young female rapper, Sasa Klaas is already a household name. Born to Anna and Shine Motlhagodi, the sexy lass revealed that she did most of her schooling in South Africa, and came back for her tertiary at Limkokwing University where she was studying Digital and Film Production. She later dropped off and then focused in music after she realised that she was not getting what she wanted. She said that though she is focusing on music now, she will get back to school to pursue film because she is very passionate about it. She also wants to pursue a course in business marketing and management.
Klass is a powerful artist, who always graces the stage with such zeal, energy and oozing sex appeal which always leaves her fans panting for more.
She revealed that the Sasa in her name derives from Sarona her given name, while Klaas is her grandfather’s name. At just 21 years of age she has made a mark for herself in the local scene as a female rapper, which got her the title ‘Queen of Rap’. She has really defined female rap in Botswana, which sees her making an impact in the local scene just like the international female rappers who have communicated well through their rap like Eve and Nicki Minaj among others. She said that when growing up she used to be very reserved, and is still reserved off-stage, however when she on stage, she changes and reaches out to the audience with her music. She said that dancing had always exposed the real confidence in her, and recalled a competition that she won aged 11 years. She got a prize of a vacation with her family to Sun City. She said that she used to be part of the poetry night sessions at Café Khwest in Gaborone, which used to be the popular outing in Main mall. However, her but it was her brother who encouraged her to rap. She recently signed a deal with Virgin Brew Studios, which aims to take the Sasa Klaas brand to greater heights.
“I was approached by two companies and I chose Virgin Brew, as I thought it could push me further. I can say that everything is already falling in the right places at the moment.” She said. She talked fondly of Virgin Brew management saying they are like a family to her, because they understand that she is not a puppet and as such communicate well with her in order to figure out together what can be best for her. She will be going on tour this year with Hip Hop Pantsula and Dj Zondi among others and the sassy lass promised a much rebranded Sasa Klaas who will definitely do even greater things. She said that right now she cannot reveal some of the big names that she will be working with this year. Most of them will be coming from the neighbouring South Africa.
Looking back, she referred to 2014 as a bitter sweet year, but definitely enjoyed most of the sweet things. It is last year that she was always bombarded with certain speculations that were a bit crazy, but on the other side more humbling in the recognition that her work got.
“I got to realise that hard work and prayer works, and I have learnt to be comfortable with myself and keep moving despite all, something that we should all do as humans,” Sasa Klaas said.
The young lady said that though in a male dominated industry, she is not in there to compete with anyone, but rather just pushing her dream. She said that she wants to inspire people to be themselves, and that her music is all about confidence, and as such urging women to appreciate their sexiness and confidence.
Although she has not released an album yet, she has released singles that have rocked local radios and televisions.
Sasa also has had her share of controversy with her private life being put out there for many to ridicule. She had been linked to Olympic silver medallist Nijel Amos.  “I did not even get the P50 000 that it was rumoured I got from Nijel. Nijel and I are just friends and that’s just about it. I met Nijel at an event and it happened that we were sitting next to each other and photographers snapped us,” she said.
She advised people to stop concentrating on her private life and focus on the music that she is doing, because that is where she want the attention to be at. She jokingly said that though people might enjoy watching her on stage she actually gets nervous and they would think she is twerking while she is shaking. Commenting on how she dresses up on stage, which some think is provocative, she said she does what she sees right, and not in any way degrading herself but just performing. “If my mom is okay about it, then I will not be worried about anything.”
It was her song Are mo khandeng which featured Scar that raised her to fame, and also her song HADSAN (Hustle all day stunt all night). She revealed that she is not part of the HADSAN Brand anymore. She is one of the artists who were nominated more than once in the first 2014 Yarona FM Music awards. Under the best Hip Hop and Motswako category she was the only female nominated alongside Zeus, Scar, KBos, ATI and Drama Boi.

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