Chicken pot roast on a fire using a potjie 

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 28 November 2017   |   By Chef Habana  
Chicken pot roast on a fire using a potjie 

Fancing holiday or camping outdoor roast.

Ingredients  (serving 4-6)

-2 spoons olive oil

-1 finely chopped onion 

-1 packet streaky bacon (about 200 g )finely chopped 

-half a bulb of garlic,  not chopped leaving it whole

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-1 carrot finely chopped 

-1 celery stick finely chopped 

-3 sprigs of fresh thyme 

-1 medium sized whole chicken

-1 tot of brandy  (of your preference)

-1 cup dry white wine

-1 tsp salt  & 1/2 tsp pepper

-1/2 a cup of cream 


*mashed potato or rice to serve 



• Heat the oil in the poto in hot heat, adding the vegetables and bacon, for 5-10 minutes  until browned .

• Add the thyme and chicken for another 5-10 minutes, until both sides of the chicken are slightly brown. The vegetables should also be turning brown at the bottom of the pot  


• Now add the brandy, and scrape the bott of the pot with a wooden spoon. Those sticky bites at the bottom of the pot create flavour.  Letting the brandy boil for a few minutes until it evaporates , then add white wine and pepper. Cover and let simmer, for. Some 90 minutes over low heat(coals and not fire). Turn the chicken breast side up for the last 15minutes.

• Pour in the cream and let simmer. Cook for another 10-15 minutes uncovered,  then remove from the fire and let the meal rest before serving.


• Serve with mashed potatoes or white rice, garnishing with fresh parsley and enjoy your outdoor meal.