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The secret to street style 

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 28 November 2017   |   By Rorisang Ndlovu
The secret to street style 

When we talk about fashion, the first thing we think of is the runway, flamboyant designs and talk slim women. Fashion is much more than that.  As it has different faces and means something completely different to every individual that is aware of the industry. Fashion has developed differently throughout the decades, including the sources of inspiration of top fashion designers. Many designers and brands are inspired from street style. This is where you find more commercial and wearable pieces on the runway. Streetwear resonates with a wider audience as it is made easier for the public to imagine themselves in the garment and how they could wear it. Street style helps incorporate everyone and not just professional models. It is a rebellion against runway at most times. So where did street style start? This specific fashion style comes originally from British fashion culture as to rebel from mainstream trends and fashion. It is based on the individual, as it is their platform to show their identity. Street style has always existed, but with time it became standardised through mass marketing, urbanisation and television. Today it is standardised by social media like Instagram, fashion bloggers and sport practices – see athleisure.

In Botswana, it is great that we can make a task out of finding or making a dress for an important occasion but what about your everyday lifestyle? What about youth that do not have the means to make something new for each occasion? Botswana street brands should not only consist of different colour t-shirts with a printed logo on it.  Botswana street style needs to incorporate an aesthetic with wearable functional common clothing. The Rorisang Lu brand is street chic. Clean and sleek, but edgy. Each look has its own voice and you are the speaker. The brand believes every outfit needs to demonstrate a level of elegance and class as much as originality and fashion forwardness. Not only does Rorisang Lu make custom high-end wear, various types of styling involved whether it be styling for a shoot, a client or an event.  The brand has the capacity to learn and observe the environment and event so to style best for it. You don’t just invest in the garment but you also invest in how to wear it for those who aren't so fashion fluent. The Rorisang Lu secret to fabulous street style is colour. Colour is everything; how you mix it, how you compliment it and how you enhance it.  Wearing a blue shirt can look phenomenal with a white pants and dark brown shoes. For those scared of white, then try different tones of one colour like purple-try match a violet with a lilac or lavender and enhance the look with silver accessories and white leather shoes. Colour is key and everyone has their own.