AN AFFAIR WITH MUSIC: DJ Lexy J engages Donald Seberane

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 05 December 2017   |   By Dj Lexy J
AN AFFAIR WITH MUSIC: DJ Lexy J engages Donald Seberane

Donald Badisa Seberane is 41-year-old Programmes Manager at Duma FM, a private radio station in Botswana. His job amongst others is to oversee the implementation of the programming and news policy. He is the ‘behind the scenes guy’; the buck stops with him regarding programme design and production. In essence, all the beautiful programmes and features you hear on Duma FM on a daily basis are because of this man. To top it all up he is what he is and does what he does because he is a child of the world.

DJ LEXY J: I’d like to know your relationship with music, when did the love begin? How far back can you remember?

SEBERANE: I really can’t put a timeline on this one; music has always been part of my family, from my parents, older brother Lati, my cousins especially Kenny, Princess and Percy. Listening to Dipina le Maboko to specialised shows on different radio stations and TV music shows just made me love music from an early age. And the saying, monkey see monkey do… can be said about these people who influenced my love for music from traditional, rock, R&B, soul and all other great genres out there. 

DJ LEXY J: What kind of music do you love and how often do you indulge yourself?

SEBERANE: I’m a soul person. It doesn’t matter what kind of soul, be it the classics of Aretha Franklin to Neo Soul of Maxwell to Blue-eyed soul of Adele to Nu-jazz of Jazzanova or even Modern Soul of Luther to Tswana Soul, yes there is that Subgenre of Amantle Brown. Just throw in a song that has a beat and meaning I’m sold. My work is music, so every day of the week is music time. Lol! 

DJ LEXY J: How has music influenced your life over the years?

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SEBERANE: Well, my career is 30% music based, so what more can I say really. As a Programmes Manager at Duma FM, I am expected to know all the hits here at home, regionally, in the continent and globally. If I was not in love with music, my job would be just that, a job but half the time it feels like I’m on holiday because I’m doing what I love.

DJ LEXY J: Does the music you listen to now differ from what you listened to growing up?

SEBERANE: No it hasn’t; I’m still the same guy that enjoys Christmas carols, dikhwaere, mosakaso and everything under the sun musically. But the only sound that is at the centre of my music will always be SOUL. 

DJ LEXY J: Can you think of any particular music/song that you associate a memory, mood, or place with?

SEBERANE: Ooh, a song called Help Yourself to My Love by Kashif…This song sadly I don’t remember when I discovered it but it always gives me a sense of love, respect and joy. The beat, the flow and the melody makes my heart skip a beat. 

DJ LEXY J: What is your all-time favourite song(s)?

SEBERANE: Kashif – Help Yourself To My Love; Keith Sweat – Make It Last Forever; Babyface – Simple Days. 

DJ LEXY J: Who is your all-time favourite artist, and why?


SEBERANE: Babyface by far – As an artist, songwriter, arranger and music producer. Whatever he touched turned gold in his prime years as a songwriter for Midnight Star to producing for many R&B superstars in the late 1980 to this today. His record label LaFace Records is literally an encyclopaedia of music arrangements, song writing and recipe for success in music. His album The Day, reminds me of Quincy Jones ‘Q’s Jook Joint, featuring many world class artists. This man does it for me. Love, Life and Living are what I think of when listening to Babyface. As I pull out the Grown & Sexy album to listen to. 

DJ LEXY J: What’s on your playlist and how do you choose the music that goes onto it?


SEBERANE: Lizibo – Malebeswa, an amazing well produced album; WDP - The Bechuanaland Sessions: PHASE 1 – the renditions and interpretations of the songs into jazz is out of this world. It’s a must-have for you Botswana jazz lovers, especially if you are traveling outside Botswana these holidays. Trust me it’s something to brag about; Maxwell’s Black SUMMERS' night. What an album, been in love with his music since it was introduced to me by my older brother in 1996/7 with his 1st album Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite. He’s been in my life since and he’s delaying me with the 3rd instalment of Black SUMMERS’ night; Amantle Brown – Since I saw her Live with a full band at GIMC, I can’t stop listening to her music; Anything A.T.I right now! I’m in love with this boy’s music. He has the ability of understanding the right time to strike with his lyrics. Much respect!

DJ LEXY J: So long, have yourself a super duper day!! 


SEBERANE: Thanks Lexy J. Let music live!